Pooja Room Decoration for Diwali

Home and Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Discover some pretty interesting ways to do your pooja room decoration. Festive season calls for special decor; check out these decoration ideas for your home and pooja room.

1. Wall Decoration Ideas

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Dolly Turakhia

Decorate the wall with paper streamers in vibrant color. Make paper cut outs in the shape of diya and stick them in between.

2. Display Diwali Message

Pooja Room Decoration for DiwaliCourtesy of Dolly Turakhia

Display a message on the wall of your home wishing everyone.

3. Hang Flowers Around

Decoration Ideas for DiwaliCourtesy of Dolly Turakhia

Use flowers to decorate the doors and windows. Usually people use orange and yellow Marigold flowers.

4. Corner Floral Decoration

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Monika Salve

What a fabulous way to turn that boring corner into something interesting. Place diya to further enhance its beauty.

5. Floating Flower Arrangement 

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Monika Salve

Get a brass, glass or ceramic bowl and fill it up with water. Put a diya in the center and surround it with flowers. Place it at the entrance of your pooja room.

6. Flower Rangoli Designs 

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Kiran Ghodke‎

Decorate the floor with flower petals. Make a flower rangoli with border and place diyas around it in the evening.

7. Floral Swastika

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Kaberigogoi Ritu Deka

Make Swastika on the floor of your pooja room using flowers. This is one of the easiest ways to prepare your home for festival.

8. Simple Pooja Room Decoration 

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Kajal Gupta‎

Use LED lights, diyas, flowers for pooja room decoration. I love the red wallpaper with Swastika on it.

9. Create a Visual Delight

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Geshu Dhiman

Make a nice rangoli on the floor. Place Ganpati idol on it, also add a few diyas to get this look.

10. Make Pookalam 

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Vandana Phegade

Flowers are one of the most important item when it comes to festive decor. Make a kundan rangoli and surround it with flower petals.

11. Use Oil Lamps‎

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Swati Todkar

Light up a lot of lamps in your pooja room to brighten it up and make it look more divine.

12. Hang Toran

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Uma Kishore

Decorate the entrance of your pooja room door with torans. There is a wide variety of torans available in the market, pick one that you like.

13. Diyas and Tea Light Holders

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Shweta Sinha

Enhance the beauty of your home and pooja room with beautiful diyas and tea light holders. You get a whole lot of them in the market.

14. Pooja Mandir Decoration

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Jayashree Payaringal

You can decorate you pooja mandir in this similar fashion.

15. Decorate a Temporary Pooja Space

Pooja Room DecorationCourtesy of Anuradha Kashi

You can even make a makeshift pooja space for the festival. Decorate the table and the area around it. Place the deity on it and hang lights and paper streamers above it.

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