Pooja Room Design Ideas

Get Some Interesting Pooja Room Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Get these beautiful pooja room design ideas for your home. If you have a big house, you can easily dedicate a corner. But, if you live in a small apartment where space is a luxury, then go for small mandaps or shelves that can easily be mounted on walls.

Pooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Creata Interior Concepts

There are many kinds of pooja room design ideas, use them to build a perfect place for praying and meditating. Build a pooja room or get pooja mandaps made of wood, marble or glass and place them in the north-east corner of your house.

Take a look at these pooja room design ideas; they are fantastic and extremely pretty.

1. Mirrored Pooja Room Design Pooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Yabeen

This is an interesting pooja room design. It’s small but functional, and helps you save a lot of space. Create wooden pillars on either side of the wall, extend the wood work to the ceiling. Add lights, hang bells and oil lamps from the ceiling. Paint the wood in dark stain and use a huge mirror at the back. Place metallic idols to create a magical feel.

2. Beautifully Lit Pooja Room DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Apse Design

If you don’t have a pooja room in your house use glass partition to build one. These foldable doors have intricate wood work on them. Paint it in neutral colours like white, yellow or brown, and add a small mandap in there.

3. Modular Pooja Room Design  Pooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Varrmas Arts & Crafts

A modular pooja cabinet can be easily fixed anywhere in your house. They take up very less space and have a built-in storage and lighting system in it. There are many sizes and designs available in the market, choose one for your home.

4. Small Pooja Room DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy Monnaie Interiors

Here is a cute little pooja room for your home. It is small and has been constructed beautifully. The use of wood makes it stand out, go for doors and ceiling with bells on them.

5. Glass Pooja Room DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Sadrishya A Glasssmith Studio

How about a glass enclosure? This looks very stylish and aesthetically appealing to me. It can fit into any modern household and blend effortlessly with its decor. These glass pooja rooms are good if you have small children around as you can offer prayers without opening the doors.

6. Open Pooja Room DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Tripps Interiors

Go for an open pooja room, ask your interior designer to make it for you. Choose north-east corner of your house; construct a raised platform to serve as a pooja room. Add glass on one side to segregate it from rest of the house.

7. Marble Pooja Mandap DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Marble Art Palace

Don’t worry if you don’t have much space to create a separate pooja room. Look out for these gorgeous marble pooja mandaps with intricate work on them. They are elegant and ideal for a small house. They come in many different design, shape and size; you can easily find one for yourself.

8. Simple Pooja Room DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Rajesh Patel, Photography by Esha Daftari

This is an intelligent use of space. Put up a raised wooden mandap in an elongated space to turn it into a simple pooja room. Add glass doors to give it an expansive look. Lighting plays an important role in small space management; add lots of lights to keep your pooja room bright.

9. Wooden Pooja Mandap Design Pooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Kerala Interior Design

Pick these traditional hand-crafted wooden mandir. They are made by skilled craftsmen using Sandal wood and Rosewood. These wooden mandaps can also be installed on walls to save floor space.

10. Separate Pooja Room Design Pooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of K V Interiors

This is a standalone pooja room; the entrance door is flanked with some fabulous wood carving. For a complete divine look add these specially designed bell doors to your pooja room.

11. Glass Pooja Mandap DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Creata Interior Concepts

Here is a mandap made of teak wood and glass. Place your deity on a glass throne (singhasan) to get this look. The mandap has bells and hanging oil lamps attached to it. It’s decorated with Swarovski crystals.

12. Gold Plated Pooja Room DesignPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Mantra Gold Coating

If you wish to have a rich, lavish look, go for gold coated pooja room design. Gold has been used in temples from ancient times and are believed to attract positive energy. You can place gold idols or go for a gold-plated pooja room. The yellow metal is bound to bring in lots of attention and beauty into your home.

13. Modern Pooja Room DesignsPooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Gayathri & Namith Architects

Add this modern pooja room in your dream home. The room has huge glass windows on either side. It floods pooja room with natural light. The red mythological mural helps to create a serene environment in there.

14. Colorful Marble Pooja Room Designs  Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Maharaja Marble and Granites

If you don’t want have a separate pooja room, then place this stunning marble mandir. The madir has intricate work on it and is extremely colorful and pretty. These pooja room design ideas will add elegance and beauty to your home.

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