Get These Divine Pooja Room Designs for Home

Pooja Room Designs for Home

Get some divine ideas on pooja room designs for home in here. You can build a separate pooja room in your house or add a modular cabinetry or a shelf to act as your pooja room.

Choose to have pooja room designs for home in the north-east corner. Decorate it with flowers, lamps, bells and rangoli designs. Take a look at our pooja room designs and ideas:

1. Pooja Room Designs for Indian Homes  Pooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Ajay Tallam

Here is a pretty pooja room design with a stylish platform. The window at the back lets a lot of light and air to the pooja ghar.

2. Pooja Room Mandir Designs for Indian HomesPooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Veda

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You can add a gorgeous marble pooja mandir in your living room or hall. Place lots of lamps and hang bells to turn the corner into a serene pooja room.

3. South Indian Pooja Room Designs for HomeSouth Indian Pooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Dpoosala

Take a look at this south Indian pooja room design. The pooja room door is made of wood and the design on it made using laser.

4. Pooja Room Designs for HomePooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Shyam Chenjeri

Love this gold color pooja mandap! Keep this wooden pooja mandap in a proper place add a huge photo at the back. You can also keep the mandap in your pooja room.

5. Small Pooja Room Designs for HomeSmall Pooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Ambareesh Reddy

Create a similar pooja room in your house. Add tiles on the floor and create two steps to place idols and photos of god and goddesses.

6. Pooja Room Designs KeralaPooja Room Designs KeralaCourtesy of Rajaraman Subramanian

Add a multi level stand to your pooja room. Decorate the stand with lots of lamps. Check out the lamp on each side, they are awesome.

7. Simple Pooja Room Designs for HomeSimple Pooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Guru Pai

You can go for these simple pooja room designs for home too. Just add a wooden cabinet and place a small pooja mandap on it. Place your deity in the mandap and use the cabinet for storing pooja items.

8. Pooja Room Designs in ApartmentsPooja Room Designs for HomeCourtesy of Ramyas V V

A glass door cabinet in the living room can act as your pooja room too. Use all the racks for pooja purpose and close the door when not in use.

9. Pooja Room Designs for FlatsPooja Room Designs for FlatsCourtesy of Hari Nair

If you are tight on space, then turn an open shelf into your pooja ghar. These pooja room ideas are perfect for people living in small flats and apartments.

10. Pooja Room Designs for Small HomesPooja Room Designs for Home

Courtesy of Shreyas Sanghavi

Here are some more ways of creating pooja room designs for home. Use the niche in your hall or living room and add a pooja mandap in it. Place your deity in it and your pooja room is ready.

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