10 Beautiful Pooja Room Door Designs

Pooja Room Door for Your Home

Get some ideas on pooja room door designs for your house. One can use wood, glass or a mix of both. Once the material is decided you need to finalize on the kind of door you want. You can choose to put up a single door, double door, sliding ones or the foldable one.

Go through the pooja room door images below to get an idea:

1. Pooja Room Door Designs in Glass

Pooja Room Door DesignsCourtesy of The BNK Group

Pooja room is a separate space that is generally located in the center of the house. It is good to have your pooja room in the living room or dining hall. You can put up glass doors for your pooja room. Opt for see through glass doors as they will constantly keep you in touch with the almighty.

2. Wooden Door for Pooja Room

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Nisha Vikram

This dark wood pooja room door is decorated with mango leaf toran and marigold flower garland. The door is embedded with pictures of gods and goddesses. The colorful pictures give it a nice pretty look and make the purpose of the room more obvious to others.

3. Traditional Door Designs

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Syam Kumar

Check out this traditional style door design for your pooja room. This pooja room door in wood is adorned with goddess Lakshmi on top. The entrance to the pooja room is a bit raised to keep away any unwanted elements from entering the home temple.

4. Modern Door Ideas

Pooja Room Door DesignsCourtesy of The BNK Group

Here is a very modern looking pooja room that speaks of elegant and style. The door to this home temple consists of graphic laser cut design done on ACP (Aluminium Composite Panels). White color is the symbol of purity and peace. Use it to create a serene pooja room in your house.

5. Stained Glass Door

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Gaja Lakshmi

This pooja room door in glass is set in teak frame. It is quite simple but offers a calm ambiance for offering prayer and doing meditation. The glass door doesn’t obstruct light, hence keeping the pooja room flooded with natural as well as artificial lighting.

6. Wooden Carved Door Designs

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Kumars Mct

This four panel pooja room door design has a delicate laser cut floral design on the upper portion. The middle part consists of glass and the bottom is made of wood. Picture of deities are etched on the glass. You can also find some intricate carving on top and bottom of the door.

7. Door Designs with Bells

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Cool Bangalore

The frame of this door and the door itself is filled with carvings of deities on it. On top you will find lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi on either side of the door. The brass handles, latch and bells complete the look.

8. Door Designs with Glass

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Ashwin V

Here is another beautiful door design for your pooja room. It is a combo of glass and wood. I love the way lord Ganpati is made on the glass panel. The light from the pooja room is oozing out through the glass creating an aura of mesmerizing divine magic.

9. Glass and Wood Door Design  

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Balaram R

The upper half of this pooja room door consists of glass with picture of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganpati on it. The lower half is made from wood with tiny little bells hanging on it. According to Vastu it is good to have double door design for pooja room.

10. Foldable Door Design

Pooja Room DoorCourtesy of Dpoosala

Here is a foldable pooja room door with laser work on it. Huge oil lamps are carved on the door. This looks like a South Indian pooja room with lots of photographs of deities kept neatly on the shelves. Looks like a divine place to sit and meditate.

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