Pooja Room Ideas for Ram Navami

Get Pooja Room Ideas and Designs for Your Home

Here are some pooja room ideas and designs to inspire you during Ram Navami pooja. Clean your pooja room and decorate it to welcome the deity.

Ram Navami is an important Hindu festival.  It celebrates the birth of the lord Rama, 7th avatar of Vishnu. Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra according to Hindu lunar calendar. It’s celebrated with great fervour and devotion all across India.

On the auspicious day of Ram Navami people wash and clean their home and pooja room. They offer prayer to lord Rama for a happy, blissful life. They observe fast and visit temples to seek his blessings.

Take a look at these pooja room ideas picked by us:

1. Beautiful Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Dandavats

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Place idols of lord Rama, Sita, his brother Lakshman and his most loyal devotee Hanuman on a podium. Adorn them with new clothes and fresh garland and offer prayer along with your family.

2. Shelf Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Food from my Kitchen

If you don’t have idols, buy photographs of your deity. Keep them on a clean shelf and offer pray to them. Light diyas and aromatic incense sticks during pooja. Offer prasad to god and consume the same after the pooja is over.

3. Modular Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Flickr

Go for this pooja room cabinet that has lots of space to store pooja items. If you need more space, add a floating shelf and place your deities on it. Love the wooden temple design on top!

4. Traditional Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and Designs Courtesy of Upendra Jejjala

How about this sleek pooja space with multiple shelves? It’s a good way to make use of vertical space. Add toran on its entry way. Rather than the ones available in market, make one with fresh mango leaves.

5. Small Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Roopali Chavan

Decorate your pooja room with homemade swastika and subh labh signs. Paste red colored paper and make intricate design with golden acrylic paint. Decorate the pooja mandap with kundan stones. This pooja room decoration can also be done during Diwali, Ganpati and Dussehra.

6. Cubical Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Wood Working

This is a lovely cubical pooja space. The pyramid-shaped setting provides lots of space. You can place them in your living room, dining room or bedroom.

7. Lighted Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Sujeendran M

Use pretty door hangings, torans and lights to beautify your pooja room during major festivals. Hindus love decorating their pooja room; they keep using new ideas to increase its aesthetic appeal.

8. Simple Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of Kumaravelu

Create this simple pooja space set-up. Convert a rack into your pooja room. Place photos and idols of god and goddess. Adorn them with yellow bell flowers during pooja.

9. Soothing Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and DesignsCourtesy of K Suresh kumar

While designing your pooja room, make sure you pick up soothing colors. The best colors for pooja room are white, light yellow, and blue. But, you can also use other pastel colors in lighter shades.

10. Marble Pooja Room IdeasPooja Room Ideas and Designs

Courtesy of Yaijardar

Get this beautiful, divine marble pooja mandap and idols. Keep them in the north-east corner of your house. Wake up early in the morning, take bath, and offer prayer. You may also sing bhajans in praise of lord Rama on Ram Navami.

Hope these pooja room ideas will help you decorate and design your pooja space in a much better way.

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