Pooja Room Mandir – Do it Yourself

Make Pooja Room Mandir Using a Carton

Pooja room mandir is found in most modern households. Today people live in small apartment and are not able to build a separate pooja room. Instead they opt for a small pooja room mandir due to scarcity of space.

Pooja room mandir are available in many sizes and can easily fit into any space. But, they are costly and you might not find exactly what you’re looking for. So, how about designing your own pooja room mandir? Here is how you can make a beautiful pooja room mandir at home.

Items you need to make your own pooja room mandir

  • Carton
  • Extra carton or cardboard
  • Adhesive tape
  • Thermocol
  • Fevicol or glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Fevicryl acrylic colors
  • Varnish
  • Cotton string
  • Bells and OM

Let’s have a look at the procedure:

Step 1

Pooja Room Mandir

Take an old carton, and draw mandir design on one of its flap.

Step 2

Pooja Room Mandir

Cut the carton’s flap to get this pooja room mandir shape. Remove the side flaps and shape the bottom flap.

Step 3

Pooja Room Mandir

Measure the sides of your mandir. Take an extra carton or cardboard and using the same measurement, cut out these wonderful shapes.

Step 4

Pooja Room Mandir

Now, paste them on top of the pooja mandir on either side. Use thermocol to support the flaps from behind to keep it stiff and standing. Cut out small windows on both sides of the pooja room mandir.

Step 5

Pooja Room Mandir

Secure all parts with the help of fevicol and adhesive tape. Now, make a dilute fevicol solution, dip tissue paper and stick it on the pooja mandir. Seal all the open edges using tissue paper. Cover the side, top and front part of the pooja mandir and leave it to dry.

Step 6

Pooja Room Mandir

Once it has dried up completely, paint it with black color. Leave it to dry.

Step 7

Pooja Room Mandir

Apply a thin layer of fevicryl acrylic copper color to the mandir and let it dry. Use a thick cotton string to design an OM in the center of your pooja mandap. Color it with copper color.

Step 8

Pooja Room Mandir

Add a thick cardboard at the bottom of your mandir for support. This will stop the mandir from falling over and keep it steady.

Step 9

Pooja Room Mandir

Take the cotton string and paste it on the edges of your pooja mandir. Color it with black and copper to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Step 10

Pooja Room Mandir

Insert an extra cardboard to create a smooth backdrop for your mandir, paste tissues and paint it the same way. Tissues give the mandir its unique texture.

Step 11

Pooja Room Mandir

Once, the paint has dried out, apply a last coat of varnish on your mandir. Let it dry, and then hang bells on it.

Step 12 

Pooja Room Mandir

Place your pooja mandir on top of a table, platform or a shelf. You can make two loops and hang it on the wall too. Before placing the mandir, keep pooja room vastu in mind. Finally, keep your deities in the pooja mandir and do your pooja with utter devotion.

Pictures and Procedure: Courtesy of Pavithra Pradeep

3 Replies to “Pooja Room Mandir – Do it Yourself”

  1. I felt like this is the most insecure project. You have used carton box that too with acrylic paint and have lit the lamps inside which is very dangerous and can easily catch fire and cause fire accidents. Secondly, if some water is sprinkled on the gods and it falls on the box, it can bloat the carton.
    Unless, we decide to put the deities inside without doing any pooja inside, I would not recommend this.

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