Pooja Room Vastu

Try to Follow Some of Our Pooja Room Vastu Tips for a Happy Successful Life

Pooja room is the most important and sacred place of our house. Build it according to pooja room vastu to attract positive energy into the house. If you already have a pooja room or space, make changes to comply with the basic guidelines of pooja room vastu.

Pooja Room VastuCourtesy of Bhavna Prateek

A well designed pooja room can bring peace, harmony, happiness and success in to your life. But, if the place of pooja room is wrong, your meditation and prayers won’t yield the desired result.

You should strictly follow pooja room vastu before designing your pooja room or pooja space. Vastu Shastra has laid certain rules about the designing and positioning of pooja room.  Follow pooja room vastu to enhance positivity in your house.

Rules on Pooja Room Vastu

Here are some basic rules on pooja room vastu that you should abide by. The same rules apply to the placement of pooja mandir, mandap, cabinet and shelf too.

Pooja Room Vastu

  • According to vastu, North-East is the best place to have your pooja room. It can also be situated in the North or East side of the house.
  • South is ruled by Yama and the South-East direction by Agni. Therefore, pooja room should not be constructed on these sides.
  • Pooja room should not be made above, below, adjacent or opposite to a bathroom as they emit negative energy.
  • You should never locate your pooja room under the staircase.
  • Ideally your pooja room should not be located in the kitchen. However, if you have yours in there, make sure the deity is kept in such a way that you face the East while praying.
  • Avoid turning your bedroom into pooja room. But, if there is no choice, locate it in the north-east corner of the room. Take care that your feet do not point towards the deity while you sleep.
  • Pooja room should be located on the ground floor of your house, and not in the basement or on the upper floors.
  • Use White, light Yellow, Blue or Violet color to paint the pooja room.
  • For smooth flow of positive energy the roof of pooja room should be like a dome or pyramid.
  • Doors and windows of this room should ideally open towards the East or North direction. They should be made from good quality wood and have two shutters.

More Pooja Room Vastu Rules

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more rules on pooja room vastu that you should keep in mind and follow.

Pooja Room VastuCourtesy of Meenakshi and Amit Sinha

  • The idols should be placed on a high platform or singhasan. The legs of the idol should reach your chest level while worshiping.
  • The idols should not be more than 9 inches and less than 2 inches in height.
  • You should never keep idols brought from ancient temples in the pooja room.
  • Never display photographs of the dead family members along with the deities.
  • The idols should not be placed facing each other or against the wall.
  •  Broken idols or torn paintings should not be placed in the pooja room.
  • Don’t store anything above the cabinet or slab where the deities are placed.
  • Ideally idols should be place in pooja room in the North-East direction. But, different deities have different auspicious locations.
  • Triangular pattern of any God should not be drawn in the pooja room.
  • The agnikund, lamp and diyas should be in the South-East direction of the worship room.
  • The sacred offerings to the fire should be made with the face towards the East.
  • Holy books and other pooja items should be kept along the West and South wall of the pooja room.
  • You should never keep dustbin in your pooja room.
  • Never sleep or store unnecessary things in your pooja room.
  • Always keep your pooja room clean and don’t enter the room with your footwear on.
  • Never enter the room without a bath or without washing your hands and feet.

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  1. Pooja room can we place it behind south wall kitchen back side and near dining hall & secondly pooja room is it possible without doors shall we use curtain.

  2. Hello,J M Reddy are you confused what should be the height of platform and keep idols in a pooja room. But you don’t worry i give your question to answer. According to vastu shastra the wooden temple should be kept at height appropriate to the seating arrangement. It should be kept at the height right at the same level a person’s chest sitting or standing in front of it. For more detail to read this post. Astrological aspects of placing wooden temple at home from Aarsun Woods

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