Pooja Shelf Designs

Simple Space Saving Pooja Shelf Designs

Check out these amazing pooja shelf designs. You can either get them made by your local carpenter or buy the readymade ones.

These pooja shelf designs come in many shapes and designs. I’m sure you can easily find one that suits your taste. Pooja shelves are a real space saver as they don’t eat up your floor area.

Here are some smart pooja shelf designs, have a look at them and pick up one for your home:

1. Wall Mount Pooja Shelf Designs

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Aarsun Woods

Go for this pooja shelf that is made out of mango wood. There is a small drawer underneath to store pooja essentials.

2. Wall Shelf Design

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Shunmuga Priya

Instead of a wooden shelf you can choose a shelf that is directly attached to the wall. Keep the photographs of your deity on it and offer prayer.

3. Traditional Pooja Space

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Suvarchala Ans

Create a traditional pooja space that is simple. It is the best way to connect with god.

4. Pooja Shelf in Dining Room

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of The Raj Company

You can add an intricately designed pooja corner with a glass shelf. Place a mirror in the background.

5. Pooja Shelf Designs in Hall 

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Innover Interior Designs

Go for custom-made shelves in your dining hall. Use one part as pooja space and the other for storing your crockery or displaying your decorative pieces.

6. Modern Pooja Wall Unit

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Pinterest

Check out this stylish pooja shelf. Add brass idols and hang some bells to complete the look.

7. Wooden Shelf for Pooja

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Aarsun Woods

This pooja shelf can fit in anywhere as its very small. I love the bells hanging below it.

8. Indian Pooja Shelf

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Cutesubbu

You can build a cubical shelf for your deities too. Have a look at this one.

9. Stylish Wall Mount Pooja Space

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtersy of Touchwood Interiors

Use one corner of your living room to create this chic pooja room. Add small shelves to keep idols of god and goddesses.

10. Pooja Shelf Ideas for Apartment

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Anil Dube Architect

These pooja shelf designs are perfect for small homes and apartments. You can dedicate one wall to build this one.

11. Modular Wall Mount Pooja Mandir

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Aarsun Woods

Here is another wall mount pooja mandir shelf. It is made out of mango wood and looks quite sturdy.

12. Pooja Shelf Design in Glass

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Prem Gomathi

You can even add some glass shelves to make your pooja mandir. Place it in your dining hall, living room or bedroom.

13. Design Ideas for Pooja Wall Shelf

Pooja Shelf DesignsCourtesy of Amazon

This is an intricately designed shelf with floral patterns. It is beautiful and ideal for pooja purpose.

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