11 Cool Powder Room Ideas

Incorporate these Powder Room Ideas into Your House

Take a look at these beautiful powder room ideas before designing one for your home. Powder rooms are small bathrooms primarily made for use by guests.

Here are some nice powder room ideas, check them out:

1. Asian Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of m.a.p. Interiors Inc. / Sylvia Beez

Design a bold Asian powder room with red mosaic glass tile walls. The dramatic golden mirror adds beauty and grace to it. Go for a matching vanity and sink to create this look.

2. Out-of-the-box Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Heather Garrett Design, Photography by John Bessler

Get some out-of-the-box powder room ideas. The vanity, wall sconce and the mirror – everything looks unique still stunning in there.

3. Bright Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Diane Bergeron Interiors

Brighten up your powder room by going for this vibrant Zebra wallpaper. Add a marble ledge for sink.

4. Turquoise Powder Room Ideas Powder Room IdeasCourtesy of Kelly Nelson Designs, Photography by Albert Yee

Here is a pretty powder room inspired by the beauty of peacock. Go for a clear glass sink and leather studded mirror to get this gorgeous look.

5. Powder Room Ideas with WallpaperPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Rachel Reider Interiors

Having a powder room with wooden vanity and a curved sink is a good idea. Put up an etched glass mirror and stylish sconce to do the rest.

6. Rustic Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Gunson Custom Mountain Architects

This powder room goes best with rustic decor. Go for a stone sink. Add twigs to create walls. Love the reflection of the mural in the mirror!

7. Powder Room Ideas with Floral WallsPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Here is a fascinating powder room with floral motifs. It has a unique mix of textures, materials, patterns and styles.

8. Contemporary Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect, Photography by Chris Gaede

Check out this powder room with neat lines and a clean design. Go for off white tiles for backsplash and apply a dark shade like navy or black on the upper half.

9. Transitional Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of New York Woodstock Inc

Create this elegant powder room design by going for textured wallpaper. Hang an antique mirror and flank it with pendant lights.

10. Gray Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Spencer-Abbott Inc, Photography Barry Halkin

This is an attractive powder room. Go for gray walls. Add a sink stand with white countertop and a glass sink.

11. Glamorous Powder Room IdeasPowder Room IdeasCourtesy of Camilla Molders

Get this glamorous powder room by adding black wallpaper with golden flowers. Go for black rimmed mirror and metallic taps.

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