Rangoli Designs – Designer Water Rangoli

Rangoli Designs – Create Beautiful Water Rangoli Using Flowers

Water Rangoli or floating flower arrangements are a very common site today. People use flowers, floating candles, leaves and flower petals to make colorful water rangoli. They add beauty and help increase the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Designer water rangoli or floating flower decorations are extensively used as embellishment during festivals, pooja ceremonies, marriages and other special occasions.

Take a look at some stunning water rangoli/floating flower arrangement and use them to beautify your home:

1. Red-White Floral Decor

Floating Flower Water RangoliCourtesy of Republic of Tea

Use red Hibiscus and white Frangipani to create this amazing design. Place some leaves to highlight the center.

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2. Traditional Water Rangoli

Traditional Water RangoliCourtesy of Panoramio

Make this “Om” rangoli for Diwali and during other festivals. Use orange Marigold petals to fill up the vessel and then place yellow colored Chrysantemum to create this Hindu religious symbol.

3. Leafy Arrangement

Floating Flower Water RangoliCourtesy of We’re not there yet

This is a vibrant design made with a combination of leaves and red Hibiscus. Place light and dark green leaves alternately to form a circle. Now add Hibiscus petals to form an inner circle. And, finally create the center using pink and white flower petals and a Hibiscus to top it all.

4. Bright Flower Decoration

Colourful Water Rangoli with FlowersCourtesy of Our Sonny Life

Go for this rangoli made up of Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is found in Asia and north-eastern Europe. They are found in many colors such as red, white, yellow, pink, magenta, and violet.

5. Simple Flower Bowl

Simple Water Rangoli/Flower DecorationCourtesy of Our Villa

Take a small earthen bowl, fill it with water and make this simple floral arrangement with Pink Vinca and Pinwheel Jasmine. Place it in your living room; add some candles to create that final look.

6. Sunny Flower Decor

Water Rangoli DesignCourtesy of 7Junipers

This is a bright refreshing design made using Plumeria of Frangipani. These flowers are very beautiful and have a strong fragrance.

7. Green Floaters

Water Rangoli Decoration Courtesy of Chris Ridley

Apply some craft ideas in here, cut leaves and place them in the water. Add some Hibiscus petals and Plumeria flowers. Put the stamen of Hibiscus in the center of Plumeria for some great effect.

8. Multi-Colored Flower Rangoli

Floating Water Rangoli for DiwaliCourtesy of Mariposa Tree

Use colorful Chrysanthemum flowers to make this water rangoli design. Make a circle with each color and place some blue Periwinkles in the mid.

9. Easy Flower Arrangement

Floating Flower Water Rangoli DesignCourtesy of India Mart

This is the easiest rangoli; kids can easily make this one. Just add some Pink Vinca, Pinwheel Jasmine and some floating candles in a wide-mouthed pot and place it on a table.

10. Bright Floating Flowers 

Water Rangoli

Courtesy of mntravelog

Make this bright leafy design, fill the vessel with leaves. Now add some yellow Daisies around the rim and the center of the vessel. Add some Mimosa for a soft look.

11. Exotic Flower Arrangement

Floating Flower Arrangement/Water RangoliCourtesy of The key Bunch

You need to have Hibiscus, Plumeria, Allamanda or bell flowers, and Pink Vinca to make this flower arrangement.

12. Flower Elegance

Floating Flower Decoration/Water Rangoli Courtesy of Maldives Complete

Go for this classy water rangoli design. Use red and yellow Ixora Coccinea to make this rangoli. Ixora is a common flowering shrub native to Southern India and Sri Lanka.

13. Awesome Flower Decoration 

Floating Flower Water Rangoli Decoration Courtesy of It’s as Easy as Pie

Take some plumeria and make small cuts in its petals. Use leaves, Hibiscus petals to make this amazing rangoli.

14. Spiral Flower Arrangement

Floating Flower Water RangoliCourtesy of Trip Advisor

Use pink and red Rose petals to create this gorgeous design. Place some green grass on the base and go spiral with the petals.

15. Vibrant Flower Decor

Floating Flower Decoration-Water RangoliCourtesy of About Amherst

Fill the vessel with small red-yellow Ixora Coccinea flowers to make this flower simple flower arrangement.

16. Violet Floating Flower Decoration

Floating Flower Arrangement-Rangoli StyleCourtesy of Photo.net

Here is a nice violet flower decoration idea for you. Use a variety of flowers like Petunia, Daisy, Hibiscus to make this.

17. Unique Rangoli Design

Water Rangoli DecorationCourtesy of Getty Images

Make this vibrant floral rangoli using white Pinwheel Jasmine, Yellow Daisies and red Ixora. Place a red Hibiscus flower in the middle.

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