Rangoli Design – Top Indian Rangoli Art Design 2017

Top 25 Rangoli Design

Get the best rangoli design for this season. These are new, fresh rangoli designs; make them to decorate your home during festivals.

Rangoli is an integral part of the Indian tradition. Rangolis are made on the door step as harbingers of peace and prosperity.

Here are a few breathtakingly beautiful rangoli designs to make your day more vibrant and happy.

1. Latest Rangoli Design

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Dhanashri Belkhode

This rangoli flaunts a beautiful blend of bright shades. This is a simple design and uses it to adorn your living area on special occasion.

2. Rangoli with Geometrical Pattern 

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Snehal Kulkarni Bodhankar

Look at this lovely rangoli design with geometrical pattern. Make different geometrical patterns on the floor and fill it with rangoli powder to make it more attractive.

3. Lord Ganesh Rangoli Designs

Ganpati Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Rupali Tomke

The face of Lord Ganesh reflects Indian culture. According to Indian mythology Ganesha is considered to be the destroyer of all obstacles. Make this rangoli design in the foyer of your house.

4. Peacock Rangoli Designs

Peacock Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

This awesome rangoli design will add flavor to your Diwali celebrations. Placing the diyas adds life to the resplendent motif of the peacock.

5. Pookalam Rangoli Design

Flower Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Sunita Patel‎

This pookalam rangoli design proudly exhibits an ensemble of flower petals. This design will make your house look more lively and beautiful during festival.

6. Simple Rangoli Design

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Tejashri Tembhurne‎

This rangoli design has been meticulously made on earth as if signifying our deep-rooted tradition. The careful choice of colors against the natural earth makes it look out standing.

7. Rangoli for Ganesh Chaturthi

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Jagruti Gawande

Look at this magnificent Ganpati rangoli design. Make it in your home during Ganesh Chaturthi. The image of Ganpati looks beautiful ensconced in an array of vibrant colors.

8. Swastika Rangoli

Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Bhumita Mahajan‎

The symbolic significance of Swastika is that it represents auspiciousness, peace and prosperity. And this is exactly what is desired during festivals. This is one of the most gorgeous rangoli designs on the list indeed!

9. Diwali Rangoli Designs

Diwali Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Aarti Chatlod‎

This free hand rangoli design has been well illuminated with diyas which are instrumental in heightening its beauty. This rangoli design will look beautiful in your pooja room.

10. Free Hand Rangoli design

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Nayna Sonar Sonawane

An intricate design indeed! The artist has played with wonderful color combination with such deftness that the design itself seems to have a feather touch.

11. Rangoli Designs without Dots

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Seema Desai Patil‎

The vibrant colors of this rangoli design will make the foyer of your house attractive. These elements make the Indian festival interesting and vibrant.

12. Easy Rangoli Designs

Corner Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Heena Kotak Thakkar‎

This lovely rangoli design beautifully stands out on the mosaic floor. The earthen lamps add brightness to the pattern and give it a festive look.

13. Rangoli Designs for Diwali festival

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Swati Todkar-Chikhale

A kalash is placed during rituals on all important festivals and occasions. Here is a beautiful pookalam to mark the festive occasion.

14. Kolam Rangoli Designs

Kolam Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Uma Raja

Incredible kolam rangoli design! It is a beautiful combination of red and white. The intricate designs make it a delight to watch.

15. Rangoli Designs for Competition

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Kaavy Ranganchya Darpani

This rangoli design looks as if it is embroidered on the floor. Make an orange and a red rose with leaves and buds to give it a natural feel.

16. Colorful Rangoli Designs

Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Reshama Desai

This lovely peacock design took my breath away. It has a blend of many different colors. The outline has been beautifully done making the feathers look mesmerizing.

17. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs 

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Varsha Vishwajit Joshi‎

This a beautiful Sanskar Bharti rangoli design. The paisley motif is looking very pretty. The lacy border makes it all the more delicate and presentable.

18. Indian Rangoli Designs

Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sneha Chanadanapurkar‎

This rangoli design is easy to make but is done with extreme accuracy. The thoughtful color combination adds another feather in the cap.

19. Latest Rangoli Designs

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Ramesh Mahamuni‎

Incredible Sanskar Bharti rangoli design! The design is done artistically enough with offbeat color choice. The border looks immaculate and extremely attractive.

20. Rangoli Art Designs

Latest Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Ashwini Shinde‎

The array of vibrant colors in this rangoli design will undoubtedly fill up your house with positive energy and happiness. I love the colorful base.

21. Border Rangoli Designs

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Bharat Thakor

Here is a lovely pookalam design for your doorstep to mark the festive occasion. The beautiful blend of colors is instrumental in welcoming peace and prosperity into the household.

22. Festival Rangoli

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Uma Raja

The artist seems to portray a chariot through this kolam rangoli design. These rath rangolis are carriers of prosperity and goodwill. Make them during Rathasaptami.

23. Competition Rangoli Designs

Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Sharayu Adsure-Sonawane‎

Here is a peacock painted in various colors and framed to perfection. In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.

24. Traditional Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Kalyani Chintalwar Sawant

Create this Sanskar Bharti rangoli pattern to give a festive feel to the atmosphere. Rangoli symbolizes good luck and happiness and epitomizes the rich Indian culture and tradition.

25. Ganpati Rangoli Designs

Flower Ganpati Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Suganthi and Kavitha

This is a simple lord Ganesh rangoli. You can make this in your pooja room to add to the auspicious fervor of the moment.

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