The Best of Rangoli Designs 2015

Most Sought After Rangoli Designs 2015

Get some of our best rangoli designs 2015. These rangoli designs can be made for competition, festivals and other special occasions.

1. Colourful Rangoli DesignsColourful Rangoli Designs  2015Courtesy of Rangoli designs

Wow! I just can’t take my eyes off this one. It’s a stunning piece of art. Try this, but I must warn you, it will take a lot of time and effort to put it together

2. Beautiful Holi Rangoli DesignsHoli Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

These rangoli designs 2015 is made up of rich warm colors and inspiring patterns. It has a lovely color combination. Make this rangoli design for competition and win prizes.

3. Ganpati Rangoli DesignsGanpati Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Place Ganpati idol in the centre and draw this beautiful rangoli around it. Use green, yellow, orange and white color.

4. Vibrant Rangoli Designs for Holi CompetitionRangoli Designs for Holi Competition 2015Courtesy of Swati Vijay

Here is a perfect rangoli design, it’s colorful and creative. Make this rangoli design in your living room and get lots of compliment from your guests. Use vibrant colors to create it.

5. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for Competition 2015Courtesy of Uma Raja

Add lots of color to keep your rangoli designs 2015 bright and beautiful. Create a vibrant centre to get all the focus.

6. Easy Rangoli Designs Easy Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Rajneesh Patel‎

This is a simple rangoli design; you can draw these rangoli designs for Diwali and Ganesh puja too. This rangoli design is made using yellow and orange marigold petals, beads and small mirrors. Use green and red colour to make this attractive rangoli design for Holi.

7. Latest Rangoli Designs Latest Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Riya Rughwani Ganwani‎

Go for some these fresh rangoli designs 2015. It has a square inside another and a circle in the centre. Add Om symbol in it. Use beautiful festive colors to make your rangoli design.

8. Peacock Rangoli Designs for CompetitionPeacock Rangoli Designs for Competition 2015Courtesy of Seema Khadatkar

Here is a peacock rangoli design with a twist. A pretty white peacock with a hint of pink! It looks really magnificent. Use black for detailing.

9. 3D Competition Rangoli Designs 3D Competition Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Jigisha Singh

Try these rangoli designs for Holi competitions with themes. Go for this great colour combination — yellow, orange and brown. This rangoli design depicts Sun as the central star with millions other in blue sky.

10. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for DiwaliBeautiful Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2015 Courtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Make this beautiful rangoli design during festivals and on other special occasions. Place a kalash and coconut in the centre.

11. 3D Rangoli Designs3D Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Ruchi Agrawal

To create this 3D rangoli design. Use black, white, blue and green color to create the centre. Add a red circle on the outside.

12. Rangoli Designs for Diwali CompetitionRangoli Designs for Diwali Competition 2015Courtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

This huge rangoli is apt for competitions; make it in your society, college or school.

13. Kolam Rangoli DesignsKolam Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of MaheshwariRamesh

Here is another colorful kolam design. Make this vibrant kolam in front of your house.

14. Easy and Simple Rangoli DesignsEasy and Simple Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Vaibhavi Naik

You can make this simple round rangoli using blue, green, orange, red, and yellow colours. Make rangoli designs 2015 using rice flour to welcome deity into your house during festive season.

15. Easy Ganpati Rangoli DesignsEasy Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Malathi Palla

Lord Ganpati rangoli design is everyone’s favourite. Here is an amazing rangoli of lord Ganpati. Use yellow colour to create the base, draw your deity over it using red and blue. This is a very cute rangoli made using primary colours.

16. Flower Rangoli DesignsFlower Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Onam 2014wishes

Create a beautiful star in the centre and surround it with some wavy patterns in violet, orange and yellow.

17. Rangoli Designs for UgadiRangoli Designs for Ugadi 2015Courtesy of MaheshwariRamesh

Use yellow, green, red and orange color to make this kolam rangoli design. Draw lots of floral patterns on it.

18. Diwali Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Make these mesmerizing free hand rangoli designs 2015 for Diwali. Place lord Ganpati in the centre and draw rangoli around it.

19. Rangoli Competition Winning DesignsRangoli Competition Winning Designs 2015Courtesy of Suvarna Keshav

Make this cool, circular competition rangoli design. Use red for base to make it more attractive and appealing.

20. Kolam Rangoli Designs Kolam Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of MaheshwariRamesh

This is a cool free hand kolam rangoli design. It’s a bright flower pattern rangoli; it is unique and extremely pretty. The flowers are drawn using yellow and orange color to which a bit of green and black has been added.

21. Unique Rangoli Competition Winning Designs Rangoli Competition Winning Designs 2015Courtesy of Vidya Karpate‎

This rangoli design was made on golden jubilee celebration of Dharampeth College, Nagpur. Dr Abdul Kalam was the honourable chief guest there.

22. Flower Rangoli Designs for OnamEasy and Simple Flower Rangoli Designs 2015Image Source Unknown

Create impeccable rangoli designs 2015, use rice flour and flower petals to make wonderful pookalam. Orange and yellow colour makes this design warm and welcoming.

23. Vibrant Rangoli Competition Winning DesignsRangoli Competition Winning Designs 2015Courtesy of Khushboo Agrawal‎

Make this vibrant piece of rangoli. Give it your personal touch by using your favourite colors and geometric patterns.

24. Lord Hanuman Rangoli Designs Lord Hanuman Rangoli Designs for Competition 2015Courtesy of Ashwini Mekhale Panale

Draw lord Hanuman rangoli design. You can make this rangoli during Ram Navami, Dussehra, Diwali or Hanuman Jayanti. ‎

25. Lord Shiva Rangoli Designs Lord Shiva Rangoli Designs for Competition 2015Courtesy of Ashwini Mekhale Panale

This is a Shiv Ratri special rangoli design. Make this mesmerizing rangoli of lord Shiva and you are sure to win the rangoli competition.

26. Free Hand Kolam Rangoli DesignsFree Hand Kolam Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of MaheshwariRamesh

Grab everyone’s attention by making this amazing kolam rangoli in your home. Use four different colors to draw the curved lines in the centre. Make an interesting border with yellow, green, pink and blue.

27. Modern 3D Rangoli Designs3D Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Sanjay Patil

How about a modern 3D rangoli design? Use hues of yellow and green to make this geometrical pattern. Create a flower in the centre and add circles all around it.

28. Rangoli Designs for NavratriRangoli Designs for Navratri and Dussehra 2015Courtesy of Surabhi Gawali‎

Durga means invincible, she is the most popular Hindu goddess. Make awesome rangoli designs for Dussehra. Here is an inspiring rangoli of maa Durga created using yellow color as the base. Draw her eyes, nose and lips using black. Use red to fill them up.

29. Peacock Rangoli DesignsPeacock Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of SapnaMahalankarDhage

Here comes a peacock rangoli design, it’s my favourite among all. Create this magnificent bird and transform your home into a symbol of beauty and grace.

30. Independence Day Competition Rangoli DesignsIndependence Day Competition Rangoli Designs 2015Courtesy of Deepak Kolekar‎

This rangoli design has an OM in the centre. Keep the background bright in color to make it stand out. Make circular patterns along the border with white.

31. Competition Rangoli Designs 2015Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Vani Muthukrishnan

Choose this extremely colorful kolam rangoli design and make your Holi special. These intricate patterns are made with a lot of precision and neatness. It can take you hours to create a perfect rangoli.

32. Competition Rangoli Designs for CollegeCompetition Rangoli Design for College 2015Courtesy of Sayali Vyawahare

If you don’t like lilies, then make Rose rangoli. Roses are considered the most charismatic of all the flower species found across the world.

33. Competition Rangoli Design with Peacock Theme Competition Rangoli Design with Peacock Theme 2015Courtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Peacock rangoli designs 2015 are very common in competitions. Make this mesmerizing rangoli design to win accolades from judges and audience alike.

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