Rangoli Designs 2018

Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 for Diwali

Check out these amazing rangoli designs 2018. They are simple, colorful and super easy to create. All you need to make these beautiful rangoli designs is a bit of artistry, some rangoli powder and a perfect occasion.

Decorate your home with these latest rangoli art designs during festivals. You can make these gorgeous rangoli during Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Sankranti, Ugadi, Ganpati, Janmashtami and other important occasions. Take a look at our latest rangoli designs 2018:

1. Simple Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Alka Sathe

Here is a very beautifully done rangoli. Make a square in the center and fill it with red color and make criss-cross lines on it. Add floral and leafy pattern on the sides.

2. Easy Rangoli for Home

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Kavitha Kavi

This rangoli is quite simple. Just make a huge blue circle and add rangoli patterns on it. Draw a flower in the center with the help of your finger.

3. Colorful Diwali Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Soudamini Murmu‎

A colorful rangoli can lift up your spirit during festivals. They help fill up your home and life with happiness and celebration.

4. Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Soudamini Murmu‎

Check out this vibrant free hand rangoli. You need bright yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, white and black rangoli powder to draw this one.

5. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Sunil Pande‎

Make a colorful base and draw Sanskar Bharti patterns over it. You can easily create this rangoli along the wall of your pooja room or living room.

6. Multi-color Rangoli Design Ideas

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Rupali Pawar

This rangoli design is made with the help of toothpick. Pour the required rangoli powder and use a toothpick or your finger to make patterns.

7. Simple Small Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Alka Sathe

Beauty in simplicity! Well this the thought that crosses my mind on seeing this small parsley rangoli. These are some of the best rangoli designs 2018.

8. 3D Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Madhuri Bhagwat‎

Here is a unique rangoli with a 3D effect. Add a diya in the center of the rangoli design.

9. Traditional Indian Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Suganya Peyanvilai‎

This is an easy rangoli design apt for beginners and kids to make. Draw the pattern on the floor with a chalk and fill it with rangoli powder in myriad colors.

10. Easy Peacock Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Sharayu Adsure-Sonawane‎

Decorate your living room by drawing a peacock rangoli in one corner. I love the detailing on the feather of this magnificent bird.

11. Creative Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Vaishali Bidwai‎

Make a mix of rangoli colors and flower petals and create a rangoli of your own.

12. Traditional Round Rangoli 

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Revati Salagavkar‎

Make colorful rings to create a similar rangoli. Draw a Mangal Kalash in the center and Sanskar Bharti patterns around it.

13. Rangoli Art Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Rathna Raja‎

Get your creative side out and try to mix different patterns. Pick bold colors to create an impact. Go for thick white outline to make it stand out.

14. Diwali Rangoli with Diya

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Rathna Raja‎

Use purple, green and yellow rangoli color to make a gorgeous design. Make a circle in the center; place a diya on it. Surround it with floral and leafy patterns.

15. Unique Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Priyanka Wagh‎

You can use just two colors to get stunning rangoli designs 2018. The artist has used white to create the outline and then fill green color in it.

16. Pooja Room Rangoli Ideas

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Meena Yadav Bendre‎

Decorate your pooja room with a nice Sanskar Bharti rangoli. Make an ‘OM’ in the center. Use orange and blue color to create a beautiful border.

17. Corner Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Komal Chahare‎

Here is a cool rangoli with some amazing design. You can make this in any corner of your house.

18. Fresh Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Kalpana Joshi

Make a blue circle and add a Lotus flower on it. Add a couple more rings around it and some interesting patterns on it.

19. Peacock Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Ashwini Indalkar‎

Go for a peacock rangoli; these rangoli designs 2018 are very popular.

20. Beautiful Rangoli Pattern

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Satyam Luniya‎

This one looks very elegant and has a neat design. Add a few flowers in the middle to create this impeccable look.

21. Festival Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Nikita Nimesh Patel‎

Make a colorful rangoli at your doorstep to ring the festive season. It is simple and easy to draw, use your fingers and toothpick where ever required.

22. Ganpati Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Kajal Palaskar‎

I love this Ganpati rangoli design. This is a perfect rangoli for Diwali, Dussehra, Ganpati, Holi and other Indian festivals.

23. Vibrant Indian Rangoli 

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Chetna Saharkar‎

This bright colorful rangoli is perfect to mark a special occasion. The vibrant hues of this rangoli design lift up your and make you feel happy.

24. Latest Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Prajakta Sonkar‎

Go for a traditional round floral rangoli. Make this amazing rangoli at your doorstep or courtyard to welcome happiness and prosperity into your house.

25. Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Nikita Kulkarni‎

Use diyas to enhance the look of your rangoli design 2018. You can even opt for tealights to brighten up your home during festivals.

26. Small Easy Peacock Rangoli

Rangoli Designs 2018Courtesy of Kajol Yogesh Tiwari‎

Check out this mesmerizing peacock rangoli design. Make a circle and draw peacock on it. Surround it with floral petals in green and red color.

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