Rangoli Designs Easy

Effortless Beginner Rangoli Designs Easy and Simple

Rangoli designs are usually made in homes, offices and at special events. Get rangoli designs easy for festivals like Sankranti, Diwali, Ganpati, Dussehra, Holi and New Year.

Here is a collection of rangoli designs easy and simple. Beginners and kids can give them a try.

1. Diwali Rangoli Designs with ColorsDiwali Rangoli Designs with ColorsCourtesy of Radhika Patil

Make this easy Diwali rangoli design with colors at one end of the room. Draw a semi-circle using colorful rangoli powder. Now, make patterns on it and decorate it with diyas and candles in the evening.

2. Rangoli Designs Easy and SimpleRangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Disha Patel‎

Use red, green, pink, blue, yellow and white color to create rangoli designs easy and simple. Make this rangoli design during Indian festivals.

3. Simple Peacock Rangoli Designs Peacock Rangoli Designs Easy Courtesy of Poonam Jadhav

This is one of the easiest peacock rangoli designs I have come across. Create the pattern on the floor using lots of different color and make the outline with white. This peacock rangoli is apt for beginners and kids.

4. Small Easy Rangoli Patterns
Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Anagha Ghangrekar

Check out the above rangoli with easy, simple patterns. Make a half circle using pink color and add leafy patterns to it. Keep the rangoli design simple and small.

5. Ganpati Rangoli Designs EasyGanpati Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Monali Salunke

Go for this easy Ganpati rangoli design. Create a flower petal design with lord Ganpati on it. Use red and yellow color to draw the deity.

6. Easy Rangoli Designs for Kids  Rangoli Designs for KidsCourtesy of Madhavi Latha Madisetty

Here is a nice rangoli design for kids. Make a simple flower and a bird beside it. Add some dots and a couple of leafy designs to it.

7. Free Hand Holi Rangoli DesignsFree Hand Holi Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Rangoli Arts

Take a look at these gorgeous, free hand Holi rangoli designs easy. You can make this rangoli in the corner of your living room or at the entrance of your house. Keep it vibrant so that it matches with the fervour of Holi.

8. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Patterns Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Monika Lohade

Sanskar Bharti rangoli are the most sought after rangoli designs during the festive season. Draw a pink and a blue circle. Use stencils to draw the design in the centre. Now, draw Sanskar Bharti rangoli patterns around it.

9. Very Beautiful RangoliRangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Snehal Rahula Girolla

Here is another rangoli design with Sanskar Bharti patterns on it. The red-blue combination looks stunning. Draw the dot and spiral designs on the rangoli.

10. Easy Kolam Rangoli Design Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Yashashri Chaudhari‎

Pick this mesmerizing kolam rangoli design with a flower in the centre. Add paisley designs around the flower and fill it with mesh design. Make this kolam for Sankranti, Ugadi, Dussehra, Holi or Diwali.

11. Corner Rangoli Designs Easy to MakeRangoli Designs Easy to MakeCourtesy of Radhika Jagetiya

You can make these corner rangoli designs easy with a Swastika in the centre. Surround it with beginner’s rangoli pattern. Your children can make this rangoli design for competitions in school and college.

12. Beautiful Floral Rangoli Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Nandini Vaidya‎

What a lovely rangoli design! One can easily confuse it with real flowers. Use indigo blue to create these flowers; add a bit of yellow to the centre. Then, draw leaves where ever you feel like.

13. Easy Ganesh Rangoli Designs Easy Ganesh Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Monika Parekh‎

Lord Ganpati is worshipped during every festival. He is the most important and popular deity of Hindus. Make god Ganpati rangoli design in this simple fashion.

14. Colorful Round Rangoli Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Mayuri Patil

Check out this traditional round rangoli design. The rangoli comprises of multi-colored circles that makes it a treat to watch. Make intricate rangoli designs in the centre and write “Wel-Come” on it.

15. Portrait Rangoli Designs Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Bhagyashri Dipali Dilip Gaykar

Go for this portrait rangoli design. It looks more like a painting than a rangoli. Make a contemporary border on both sides of this modern rangoli design.

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  1. Dear Sir/madam

    There are really excellent Rangoli designs above was made on the post. I am thanking you for showing the photos designs how to be made to us via the explanation articles.
    I have about five Rangoli designs that I made before for competition and Diwali so can I post here mine?

    Thank you.

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