Rangoli Designs for Competition

15 Highly Creative Rangoli Designs for Competition

These rangoli designs for competition are sure to leave you spell-bound and fascinated in every single way. I’m sure they will make you wonder — How on earth can anybody create such amazing rangoli designs?

Make these unique, one of a kind rangoli designs for competition and win hearts. They are really tough and you better be an artist to pull them up. You can make these beautiful rangoli designs for competition or during festivals and other special occasions.

Try your hands on these extremely artistic rangoli designs for competition and floor your rivals and friends with your creative skills. Take a look at some of our recommendations:

1. Rangoli Designs for Competition with ThemesRangoli Designs for Competition with Themes Courtesy of Mayuri Kharwadey

Draw these awesome rangoli designs for competition and you are sure to get lots of appreciation from everyone around. This theme based rangoli gives you a glimpse of rural India. It’s beautiful! Take a look at how the water splashes all over as the oxen gallop through the fields.

2. Rangoli Designs for Competition with ConceptsRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Arjun Khatri‎

Or, you may choose to make some Bollywood concept rangoli designs for competition. Create a poster of the recent blockbuster movie ‘Bang Bang’. The actors Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif seem to come to life in this awesome rangoli design.

3. Traditional Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Rupal Jain

How about this lady with a lamp? Create these gorgeous rangoli designs for competition; draw a lady adorned with jewellery, bindi and flowers in her long flowing hair. The lamp in her hand lights up this rangoli.

4. Ganpati Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Poonam Tidke

Here is another amazing rangoli design that you can draw during rangoli competition. It’s a lord Ganpati rangoli which also features lord Shiva and his wife goddess Parvati. You will seldom find the family together in a rangoli design, so try this stunning rangoli this time.

5. Portrait Rangoli Designs for CompetitionPortrait Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Shubhada Dahake

If you are an expert at rangoli making, then you can try making portrait rangoli designs for competition. Pick up an eminent personality and draw them using your skill and rangoli powder. The portrait of Shivaji has been drawn with lot of precision; each detail has been well taken care of. It’s magnificent!

6. Fresh Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Nilesh

This rangoli design is sure to make everyone around you hungry. Everything looks so real; serve edible (almost) rangoli designs for competition. Do lots of detailing and shading to get this mouth-watering finish.

7. Simple Rangoli Designs for CompetitionSimple Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Saloni Baser‎

Draw a village belle for this rangoli competition. Everything is so traditional looking in this rangoli design. It seems that the girl in this rangoli is waiting for someone. The twin effect and the color changes from evening to night shown here is great.

8. Artistic Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Pandya Dharam

Make this prize-winning rangoli designs for competition. It is an attractive design. Love the glitter and stone work, each piece is perfectly placed. Add glitter to highlight the jewellery and border and laces on her costume.

9. 3D Rangoli Designs for Competition  Rangoli Designs for Competition Courtesy of Sandeep Desai

3D rangoli designs are a bit tough to accomplish. You need to know the tips and tricks of creating one. This is a simple 3D rangoli design, but don’t get fooled by its simplicity, this effect is hard to create. It is a perfect rangoli design to try out during competitions.

10. Peacock Rangoli Designs for CompetitionPeacock Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Shweta Kulkarni‎

Almost everyone seems mesmerised by those enchanting timid creatures called ‘the peacock’. Peacock is the national bird of India. They have long been the symbol of beauty; they never fail to get accolades. Hence, go ahead and draw peacock rangoli designs for competition.

11. Salt Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Choose this salt rangoli design, the salt crystals will  add depth to your rangoli. Create a pretty centre and surround it with cool patterns. Use blue, orange, green and white rangoli powder to get this impressive look.

12. Carpet Rangoli Designs for CompetitionRangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Lakshmi Devi

Create these life-size carpet rangoli designs for competition. It’s lavish and has some neat intricate work on it. I love the flower patterns and use of typical carpet colors in this rangoli design. It sure requires a lot of hard work and patience to make them.

13. Modern Rangoli Designs for Competition Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Poonam Bardia

Think of making unique rangoli designs for competition. Go for a modern art rangoli, use dark shades of red, blue and green to make it prominent among others. Add black patterns on either side of your rangoli to get an out-of-the-box effect.

14. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionBeautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Kalpana Ujawane

Go for these impeccable rangoli designs for competition. This Radha-Krishna rangoli symbolizes their eternal love and companionship. This rangoli is a beauty and I am sure everyone will stop by to admire it.

15. Rangoli Designs for Competition in CollegeRangoli Designs for Competition in CollegeCourtesy of Sandeep Desai

Lord Shiva is a real charmer and these rangoli designs for competition will make every other competitor run for out of creativity. This rangoli design is full of grace, elegance and divine glow. The black background makes lord Shiva rangoli design stand out.

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