Rangoli Designs for Ganesh Festival

Beautiful and Simple Rangoli Designs for Ganesh Festival

Make some vibrant rangoli designs for Ganesh festival. Add color to your home by creating these gorgeous rangoli designs.

Ganesh festival is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi. It is a ten day festival and celebrated by Hindus as lord Ganpati’s birthday.

Take a look at these traditional rangoli designs for Ganesh festival.

1. Rangoli Designs For Ganesh FestivalRangoli Designs For Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Amit Bhorkade

Create this amazing rangoli design with lord Shiva and lord Ganpati. Use red and yellow color to make a beautiful centre. Add greens and blues to create lovely patterns around it.

2. Kolam Design for Ganpati Kolam Design for Ganpati FestivalCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh‎

Kolam rangoli designs can also be made during Ganesh pooja. Make this stunning free hand kolam in your living room.

3. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalBeautiful Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Pallavi Parakh

Draw this awe-inspiring rangoli design at the entrance. Decorate it with marigold flowers and candles. Sprinkle color and use your finger to make this design.

4. Easy Rangoli Designs for Ganesh ChaturthiEasy Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Nandini Nadgouda

Here are some easy rangoli designs for Ganesh festival. Create a red background in the centre and add Ganpati on it.

5. Corner Rangoli DesignsCorner Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Prajakta Kale

Go for corner rangoli designs for Ganesh festival. Place a photo of lord Ganpati and create rangoli pattern around it. Decorate it with mango leaves and marigold flowers.

6. Ganesh Rangoli DesignsGanesh Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Ashvini Singh‎

Make this pretty rangoli on Ganesh Chaturthi. Add intricate spiral patterns to create this elegant design. Make this rangoli during festivals.

7. Peacock Feather Rangoli DesignsPeacock Feather Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Juhi Shah

Choose this swastika rangoli with a beautiful peacock feather. This is a cool, neat and easy rangoli design and can be made by anyone.

8. Simple Ganesh Rangoli DesignsSimple Ganesh Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Neelam Bharti

Go for this simple Ganesh rangoli design for beginners. Use yellow to create a round base and green to draw Ganpati on it. Add a pink flower and leaves to increase its aesthetic appeal.

9. Colorful Kolam for Ganesh FestivalColorful Kolam for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Draw this colorful sunflower kolam for this Ganpati. Add small pink flower and wavy pattern to get this look. Make beautiful kolam rangoli designs for Ganesh festival, Holi or Diwali.

10. Easy Rangoli DesignsEasy Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Kalyani Gaware

Choose this easy rangoli design for Ganpati pooja. Create a colorful base, and then use white color to draw patterns on it.

11. Stencil Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalStencil Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Rita More Gaikwa

If you are a beginner, use stencil to create this excellent design. You can mix and match two or more stencils to create a perfect rangoli design.

12. Easy and Simple Rangoli DesignsEasy and Simple Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sowmy Art

Here is an easy, simple rangoli design. Make this small, attractive rangoli designs for Ganpati, Diwali, Sankranti or Holi.

13. Free Hand Rangoli Designs Free Hand Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Karishma Lohade

Create this free hand rangoli design on the floor of your living room. Add Om in the centre and corners.

14. Competition Rangoli Designs Competition Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Simhadri Hari Prasada Rao

A lot of rangoli competitions are held during Ganesh Chaturthi. Make this gorgeous, vibrant rangoli design for competition.

15. Fresh Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalFresh Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Gayatri Ambalkar‎

Pick this fresh square rangoli design. Decorate its corner with multi-color dots. Add patterns on it using white rangoli powder.

16. New Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalNew Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Savita Deepak Koli‎

Make these new, stylish rangoli designs for Ganpati. Make a wheel in the centre; add yellow, green and blue circles around it.

17. Latest Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalLatest Rangoli Designs for Ganesh FestivalCourtesy of Poonam Nanaware

Colors make us happy; make this fun-filled rangoli design during Ganpati. This is not a very complex design. Most of us can make these rangoli designs for Ganesh festival.

18. Simple Rangoli DesignsSimple Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Gayatri Ambalkar‎

Welcome lord Ganesh into your home by making this sweet, sober rangoli in your home. Create a white base and add colors on it.

19. Rangoli Designs for Home Rangoli Designs for HomeCourtesy of Shruti Chitranshi Dwivedi

Use bright pink to create this lotus rangoli design. Make it in courtyard, balcony, patio, terrace or deck of your home during festivals.‎

20. Kolam Rangoli Designs for UgadiKolam Rangoli Designs for UgadiCourtesy of Malathi Palla

Make this cute kolam rangoli designs for Ganesh festival and Ugadi. Use pink, orange, blue and green color to make this pattern.

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