20 Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami

Mesmerizing Lord Krishna Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami Festival

Make these gorgeous rangoli designs for Janmashtami. Janmashtami is the birthday of lord Krishna and is celebrated with great devotion and fervour.

Discover some beautiful rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami and draw them in your home.

1. Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiRangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Sheetal Choube Joshi

Make these inspirational rangoli designs for Janmashtami. Radha-Krishna rangoli designs never fail to impress. Recreate their eternal love through your rangoli during Janmashtami festival.

2. Best Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiBest Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Sai Tupe Aphale

Stories of lord Krishna’s childhood are very famous. He is also known as “Makhan Chor”. Draw this pretty rangoli of god Krishna stealing butter.

3. Simple Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiSimple Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Ujjwala Choudhary Thorat‎

Here is an easy rangoli design. Beginners and kids can try to make this rangoli. In this rangoli design lord Krishna is playing his flute.

4. Rangoli Designs for Krishna Janmashtami Rangoli Designs for Krishna JanmashtamiCourtesy of Jignesh Kakadiya

Many competitions are held during Janmashtami festival. Make this super cute rangoli design of “Bal Gopal”.

5. Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami Competition Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami CompetitionCourtesy of Jignesh Kakadiya

This is an awesome rangoli design apt for rangoli competitions in schools and colleges. Draw Radha-Krishna and river Yamuna in the background.

6. Creative Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCreative Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Sunita Panchbhayye

Use jewellery and coins to make this creative rangoli design of lord Krishna. Use black to make hands, legs and face of the deity. Place real flowers and peacock feather on the rangoli.

7. Modern Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiModern Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Pratap R. Tekale

Make a modern rangoli design of lord Krishna. This rangoli resembles contemporary style of painting. Try doing something different; try this Janmashtami rangoli design this year.

8. Lord Krishna Rangoli Designs Lord Krishna Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Khushboo Agrawal‎

Here is another amazing rangoli design of god Krishna. These are free hand rangoli designs and one needs to have a certain amount of expertise to create them.

9. Easy Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiEasy Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

This is an easy rangoli design. Use blue, yellow and red color to create this lovely rangoli. Kids can draw this rangoli during Janmashtami.

10. Janmashtami Rangoli Designs    Janmashtami Rangoli DesignsiCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

This is an elaborate spread; everything is so beautifully made! I love the border rangoli design made up of small flowers.

11. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiBeautiful Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Paresh Patil

Try this classic piece of art. This rangoli design is the work of highly expert hands. The artist has years of experience behind him.

12. Latest Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami   Latest Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Sheetal Choube Joshi

This is a very lively, colorful rangoli design of lord Krishna. The green background and use of gold color makes it stand out.

13. Free Hand Janmashtami Rangoli Designs Free Hand Janmashtami Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sheetal Choube Joshi

Lord Krishna loved milk, butter and ghee. He always used to wear peacock feather on his head. Make all his favourite things during the festival.

14. Peacock Feather Rangoli DesignRangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Sheetal Choube Joshi

Use peacock feather as the base for your Janmashtami rangoli.

15. Simple Janmashtami Rangoli DesignsSimple Janmashtami Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Yamini Patel

You can also make this shadow rangoli design during the festival of Janmashtami. First prepare a bright base and then use black to make Krishna bhagwan on it.

16. Awesome Janmashtami Rangoli DesignsRangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Vaishali Khairkar Kawre

Go through all these pretty rangoli designs for Janmashtami, pick one and make one in your home.

17. Rangoli Designs for Krishna Janmashtami Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Bamleshwari Arts

Must say I can’t take my eyes off this rangoli. This portrait rangoli design of lord Krishna can be made during competitions.

18. Ladoo Gopal Rangoli Design  Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Neelam Bajaj

The stories of lord Krishna’s childhood are very famous. Here is a rangoli design depicting the cutest mischievous Ladoo Gopal.

19. Easy Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami  Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Geeta Patil

This one is dedicated to all the beginners and kids who are fascinated by rangoli but don’t know where to start. So, here is an easy one for you all.

20. Rangoli Designs of Lord Krishna Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Umesh Bhoir

What an elegant rangoli; this classic black and white rangoli perfect for Janmashtami.

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