15 Rangoli Designs for Shivratri

Latest and the Best Rangoli Designs for Shivratri

Shivratri is a Hindu festival; it is associated with the marriage of lord Shiva and Shakti. Mahashivratri is celebrated by offerings of Bael (belpatthar) leaves to Shiva, an all-day fasting followed by an all-night-vigil (jagaran). People also make rangoli designs for Shivratri in their home and temples.

Millions of devotees throng the temple on Shivratri to offer prayer to lord Shiva and seek his blessings. Here are some of the latest and the best rangoli designs for Shivratri, do have a look. Decorate your home with these Mahashivratri rangoli designs.

1. Rangoli Designs for Shivratri

Rangoli Designs for ShivratriCourtesy of Akshay Shahapurkar

Make this gorgeous 3D rangoli for Shivratri. The Shivling looks as if it has been kept on a platform.

2. Rangoli Designs for Mahashivaratri

Rangoli Designs for MahashivaratriCourtesy of Darshana Kangale

This beautiful Shivratri rangoli was made in Siddheshwar Temple, Solapur. You can show your devotion to lord Shiva by making this rangoli design at home.

3. Shivling Rangoli Design

Shivling Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Varsha Nitin Garkal

Here is a nice Shivling rangoli with lord Ganesh on top. Illuminate the rangoli with LED light and see it glow.

4. Shivratri Kolam Designs

Shivratri Kolam DesignsCourtesy of Uma Raja

Go for this colorful kolam design for Shivratri. Make a Shivling and decorate it with lamps and kolam designs.

5. Mahashivratri Rangoli Kolam Designs

Mahashivratri Rangoli Kolam DesignsCourtesy of Lakshmi Devi

A mesmerizing rangoli kolam perfect for Shivaratri festival! Make lord Shiva’s snake Vasuki, bull Nandi and his trishul.

6. Latest Shivratri Rangoli Designs

Shivratri Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Ashwini Bhosale

Check out these latest and the best rangoli designs for Shivratri. Make a blue base and use black color to make the Shivling.

7. Beautiful Rangoli for Shivratri

Rangoli Designs for ShivratriCourtesy of Vani Muthukrishnan

This rangoli has a nice border made of belpatthar and lotus flowers. These stunning rangoli designs for Shivratri are apt for competitions.

8. Mahashivratri Shivling Rangoli Design

Shivaling Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Uma Raja

Another interesting rangoli with a beautiful border. Use dark colors to create an enigmatic look.

9. Shivling Rangoli Design for Shivratri

Rangoli Designs for ShivratriCourtesy of Tejal Patel

This is a simple Shivratri rangoli design. You can make this one easily during the grand festival.

10. Shiva Lingam Rangoli Kolam

Shiva Lingam Rangoli Courtesy of Lakshmi Devi

You can make this kolam with Shiva Lingam, candles, flowers and bells.

11. Lord Shiva Rangoli Designs

Lord Shiva Rangoli Design for CompetitionCourtesy of Ashwini Mekhale Panale

I love this divine lord Shiva rangoli. Set in the backdrop of Kailash, this rangoli looks magnificent.

12. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli for Shivratri

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli for ShivratriCourtesy of Amit Bhorkade

Sanskar Bharti patterns look amazing; they are graceful and easy to draw. Make a Shivling in the centre and surround it with cool patterns.

13. Mahashivratri Special Rangoli

Rangoli Designs for ShivratriCourtesy of Lakshmi Devi

Another marvellous rangoli for Mahashivratri! Make this in your living room, pooja room or temple.

14. Lord Shiva and Ganpati Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs for ShivratriCourtesy of Poonam Tidke

Rangoli designs for Shivratri can’t be complete without lord Ganpati and goddess Parvathi. Make this amazing rangoli this Shivratri.

15. Rangoli for Shivaratri

Rangoli for ShivaratriCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

This rangoli will take a lot of time to create it. Take your time and you will surely be able to draw this one.

Picture Gallery of Rangoli Designs for Shivratri

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