25 Rangoli Designs Simple and Small

Rangoli Designs Simple for Beginners and Kids

Rangoli designs simple and easy to make are here. Make these rangoli designs during festivals. Rangoli designs simple and small are perfect for Diwali. You can also make them for Ganesh Puja, Dussehra, Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, and Holi.

Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

Rangoli making has been a part of Hindu culture and tradition for centuries. They are cherished and handed from one generation to the other. Rangoli designs are patterns created on the floor. They are made using colored rice, sand, flour or flower petals.

Here are some rangoli designs simple and small. They can easily be made by beginners and kids during festivals and competitions.

1.Colorful Rangoli DesignsSimple Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Shubhada Dahake

Make this colorful rangoli during Holi, Diwali, or Gudi Padwa. It’s a very simple rangoli design. Just draw a lotus in the centre and colorful circles all around.

2. Rangoli Designs For Beginners
Rangoli Designs for BeginnersCourtesy of Shubhada Dahake

Here is a small rangoli design. It is perfect for a beginner to start with. Make some colorful circles and add a swastika in the centre.

3. Competition Rangoli Designs
Competition Rangoli Designs Simple
Courtesy of Namrata Hedau Bawankar‎

Select to make this unique competition rangoli design. The rangoli has two halves, one is colorful. And, the other looks like the star-filed sky at night.

4. Creative Rangoli DesignsCreative Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Dipti Madurwar

Decorate your home during Diwali with thes rangoli designs simple and creative. Place Lakshmi-Ganesh idol and surround it with red rangoli powder and flowers.

5. Diwali Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Prajakta Redkar

Diwali rangoli designs simple, beautiful and colorful! Create this gorgeous rangoli on festivals and light it up with diyas.

6. Flower Rangoli DesignFlower Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Chanchal Gadia‎

Make this awesome flower rangoli design for Ugadi, Sankranti or Pongal. Use yellow, orange, white and pink flower petals. Make the outline using leaves.

7. Simple Diwali Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Ruchita Shah

This is a simple peacock rangoli design. Place peacock cut out in the centre and make your rangoli around it.

8. Kolam Designs for UgadiKolam Designs for UgadiCourtesy of A M Rani Selvaraj

Make this free hand kolam design for Ugadi, Pongal or Sankranti. Use rice flour to make this stunning rangoli design.

9. Kids Rangoli DesignsKids Rangoli Designs Simple Courtesy of Sarika Shelke

This is a rangoli design for kids to make. They can make this in their school or for rangoli competitions during festivals.

10. Free Hand Kolam Designs Free Hand Kolam Designs Courtesy of Vani Muthukrishnan

Beginners can easily make this free hand kolam design. Draw a flower in the centre followed by a star pattern. Add flowers in between and fill them all with color.

11. Rangoli Designs for KidsRangoli Designs for kids Courtesy of Rupali Kulkarni‎

This rangoli design is made by Rupali’s daughter. She is a student of seventh standard. Most kids can draw this simple rangoli and help add color to our festivals.

12. Kundan Rangoli DesignsKundan Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Aarti Bhavsar

This kundan rangoli has been created by Aarti’s daughter. She is ten-years old. Kundan rangolis are non-messy and easy to make. They are made using coloful stones and favourite among children.

13. Rangoli Designs for DiwaliRangoli Designs for Diwali Courtesy of Sirisha Kesa‎

Make this easy rangoli design for Diwali. Draw it between two doors or in front of a pillar. Sprinkle rangoli powder to create a semi-circle design. Use your finger to draw rangoli patterns on it. Finally, place an oil lamp in the centre.

14. Rangoli Designs for Beginners Rangoli Designs for BeginnersCourtesy of Kusum Jangid

This is a small, easy rangoli design for beginners. Make a cross on the floor, and then add two criss-cross lines on it. Join their tips to get this star design. Fill these rangoli designs simple with color and it’s ready.

15. Rangoli Designs for HoliRangoli Designs for HoliCourtesy of Sapna Mahalankar Dhage

Here is a colorful rangoli pattern just perfect for Holi. Use bright, vibrant colors to make this free hand rangoli. Make a sun in the centre and some cool patterns around it.

16. Easy Rangoli Designs for DiwaliEasy Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Sapna Mahalankar Dhage

Decorate your pooja room with this Swastika rangoli design. Make a red square and draw Swastika symbol on it. Add more color filled squares around it. Finish it off with some rangoli designs simple, free hand patterns.

17. Easy Rangoli DesignsEasy Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Vrushali Alaspure

Make this cool design in front of your house. It’s a nice rangoli with colorful squares. Add rangoli designs simple flowery pattern to make it more attractive and welcoming.

 18. Holi Rangoli DesignsHoli Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Pradnya Jeetendra

Choose this wonderful rangoli for this festive season. The patterns are really simple and anyone of you can attempt making this.

19. Stencil Rangoli DesignsStencil Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Mayuri Patil

Sprinkle purple, green and orange rangoli color to create a nice background. Use stencil to make this stylish rangoli design. Stencils are easily available in the market.

20. Rangoli Designs with dotsSimple Rangoli Designs with DotsCourtesy of Anagha Ghangrekar

This rangoli is made using interlaced dots. Make five dots in the centre, six in the next and seven in the third line on both ends. Add two dots and then one at each end. Join them to get this star kolam design.

‎21. Rangoli Designs Simple and EasyRangoli Designs Simple and EasyCourtesy of Rashmi Jaiswal

Make this rangoli design simple and cute at the entrance of your house. Make a small flower in the centre and some leaves, tendrils and buds on its side. Fill them with color.

22. Rangoli Designs for DussehraRangoli Designs for DussehraCourtesy of Nidhi Mehta

Go for this easy square rangoli. Prepare a base using red, yellow and green. Add a Swastika on the red circle and spiral patterns on green.

23. Rangoli Designs for KidsRangoli Designs for KidsCourtesy of Pallavi Joshi

Pick up this hexagonal rangoli design. Make different color triangles in it and then draw some interesting rangoli patterns on it.

24. Latest Rangoli DesignsLatest Rangoli Designs SimpleCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

A Diwali rangoli in the shape of a diya! It is a lovely design and goes well with the festive atmosphere. Place diyas on it in the evening.

25. Fresh Rangoli DesignsFresh Rangoli Designs Simple Courtesy of Neelam Bharti

Kids would love to make this spiral rangoli. It’s an attractive, uncomplicated design. And, is easy for kids to understand and make.

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