30 Amazing Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Make these Rangoli Designs with Flowers for Onam, Ugadi, Sankranti and Pongal

Rangoli designs with flowers are called Pookalam. They are similar to rangoli designs made using colored sand, rice flour or saw powder.

Pookalams are very popular in the Indian state of Kerala. They are usually made during Onam. Flower rangoli designs are also made on other festivals like Diwali, Ugadi, Pongal, Sankranti, Dussehra, Holi, Ganpati or Gudi Padwa.

These rangoli designs with flowers are traditionally made in circular shapes. People use flowers and flower petals to create these stunning rangoli designs in their courtyard.

Here is a collection of some creative rangoli designs with flowers, choose one for your home.

1. Rangoli Designs with Flower for OnamRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Sowmya Vijay

Check out this pretty flower rangoli design. To create this rangoli use flower petals to make floral pattern, surround it with similar pattern to get this one.

2. Pookalam Rangoli DesignsRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Sheela Rani Sudharshan

Here are some typical rangoli designs with flowers that can be made during Onam, Diwali and many other Hindu festivals.

3. Onam Rangoli DesignsRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Shru Thi‎

You can even add a scenery to your pookalam.

4. Simple Rangoli Designs with FlowersRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Saritha Jaidev

This is an easy flower rangoli design that can be made by beginners and kids alike.

5. Pooja Room Rangoli Designs with FlowersRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Shanthi Sridharan

Use leaves, flowers and flower petals to chalk out this rangoli design with flowers in your pooja room. Place a lamp in the centre.

6. Traditional Onam Rangoli Designs with FlowersRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Banu Raghavan Borntoserve

Kathakali is one of the major dance forms of India. Use flower petals to depict it.

7. Free-Hand Rangoli Designs with FlowersRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Priya Karthikeyan

I love this rangoli, you can make this for flower rangoli competitions for Onam.

8. Easy Rangoli Designs with FlowersRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Shwetha Kamath

You can always choose an easy design instead of an elaborate one. Draw this in your living room or at the entrance of your house.

9. Ganpati Rangoli Designs with FlowersRangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Jayasree Gopalakrishnan

Use flower petals to make Ganpati Bappa out of it. Make this rangoli for Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali.

10. Onam Flower Rangoli DesignsRangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Vidya Nair

Go for this round flower rangoli design. This one is perfect for kids and beginners.

11. Flower Rangoli DesignsFlower Rangoli Designs  Courtesy of Babu Phulpagar

Make this stunning square rangoli design using flowers. You can create this subtle design in your living room during festivals.

12. Beautiful Rangoli Designs with Flowers Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Sujata Gaikwad‎

A temple pillar has been decorated with flowers and rangoli powder. Make simple rangoli design around the pillar using rangoli powder. Then, decorate it with flowers on each side.

13. Rangoli Designs with Flowers for OnamRangoli Designs with Flowers for OnamCourtesy of Sapna Soni

Create this pretty Pookalam, use orange, yellow, red and white flower petals. Make a small circle in the centre and surround it with floral patterns.

14. Rangoli Designs with Flowers for DiwaliRangoli Designs with Flowers for Diwali Courtesy of Plus Life Styles

Decorate your house by making rangoli designs with flowers for Diwali. Enhance its beauty by placing diyas all around it.

15. Beautiful Flower Rangoli DesignFlower Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Gardening Simplified

Add colour to your house through this flower rangoli. Use red, yellow, orange, pink and white colored flower petals to make this flower rangoli design.

16. Rangoli Designs with Flowers for UgadiRangoli Designs with Flowers for Ugadi Courtesy of Onam 2014wishes

Create a beautiful star in the centre and surround it with some wavy patterns in violet, orange and yellow.

17. Simple Rangoli Designs with FlowersSimple Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Ritu Kagade

Go for this simple flower design. Make the outline with red, then add some yellow flower petals and then fill it with white.

18. Easy Rangoli Designs with FlowersEasy Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Manjula Siya

Here is an easy one. All you have to do is make some circles and add some Marigold flower petals between them. Place two Rose flower in the centre and its petals at the end of the design.

19. Small Rangoli Designs with FlowersSmall Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Vishnu Kompella

You can also make this small rangoli design. Use Marigold and Rose flower petals to create these quick flower rangoli designs.

20. Beautiful Rangoli PatternBeautiful Rangoli PatternCourtesy of Lalana Shinde

Isn’t this a gorgeous rangoli design? Use rangoli powder and flower petals to create this rangoli. Make three circles in the centre with flowers. Sprinkle blue and yellow rangoli powder around the circle. Make spiral patterns over it to get this look.

21. Ganpati Rangoli Designs with FlowersGanpati Rangoli Designs with Flowers Courtesy of Chanchal Gadia‎

Make this awesome Ganpati flower rangoli design for Onam, Ugadi, Sankranti or Pongal. Use yellow, orange, white and pink flower petals to make this Pookalam. Make the outline using leaves.

22. Pookalam Rangoli DesignsPookalam Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Manisha Pardeshi‎

Try this Pookalam at home. It looks like a colorful wheel made of flowers. Add Rose petals to give it an exotic look.

23. Rangoli Designs for DiwaliRangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Mayuri Gujarathi‎

Now, this is a Pookalam where tradition meets style. Create this modern rangoli design at the entrance of your home and add some floating candles to it.

24. Simple Pookalam Rangoli DesignsSimple Pookalam Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Madhuri Kedar‎

Make a shiv Ling with flowers. Use flowers, flower petals and leaves to create the divine. Decorate it with diyas. ‎

25. Flower Rangoli Designs for FestivalsFlower Rangoli Designs for FestivalsCourtesy of Manoj Chavan

Here is an inspiring rangoli design for festivals. Use white rangoli powder to draw some cool, interesting patterns around it.

26. Onam Rangoli Designs with FlowersOnam Rangoli Designs with FlowersImage Source Unknown

Create impeccable rangoli designs with flowers. Use rice flour to draw the outline and flower petals to fill it up. Orange and yellow colour makes this design warm and welcoming.

27. Ugadi Rangoli Designs with FlowersUgadi Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Gallery Hip

This rangoli design depicts the sun. Use orange, yellow, pink and white colour flower petals to create this Pookalam rangoli design. Light up and place diyas and make the rangoli shine through the evening.

28. Creative Rangoli Designs with Flowers Creative Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Shekhar Shete

Here is an innovative flower rangoli design. Use red, white, pink and peach color Rose to make this creative rangoli.

29. Rangoli Designs with Flowers for DussehraRangoli Designs with Flowers for DussehraCourtesy of Pooja Aggarwal

Make this elegant rangoli design in your courtyard. Draw a Lotus design and fill it with Rose petals. Create a paisley design in the centre and unique borders on its sides.

30. Diwali Rangoli Designs with FlowersDiwali Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Pooja Aggarwal

This is an awesome rangoli design for Diwali. Make a diya and surround it with a sun design.

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