Top 20 Rangoli for Christmas Season

Don’t Miss These Rangoli for Christmas Season

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December by billions of people around the world. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a festival of Christians and is observed in many Western countries.

In India, Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and show. Schools and offices remain closed and people prepare for the festival with great enthusiasm. They bring Christmas tree into their home and decorate it; visit family and friends and exchange gifts.

Christmas decoration in India also involves making kolam and rangoli designs. They also take part in various Christmas rangoli competitions held in schools, colleges, offices and clubs.

Take a look at these top rangoli for Christmas season:

1. Santa Rangoli Designs for Christmas SeasonSanta Rangoli Designs for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Sowmya Raman

Make this Santa rangoli for Christmas season. Have a nice time creating it with your family and friends.

2. Rangoli for Christmas Rangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of karpagam.M

Make Christmas tree and Santa Claus rangoli at the entrance of your house.

3. Christmas RangoliChristmas RangoliCourtesy of Gomathi Krishna

Here is another cute rangoli for Christmas Season.

4. Christmas Rangoli DesignsChristmas Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Suguna Murugesan

This is a cute Christmas rangoli with snowman, bells, candles, and gifts.

5. Christmas Bell RangoliChristmas Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Bhaskari

Take a look at this vibrant rangoli; it is apt for Christmas decor.

6. Santa Claus Rangoli Santa Claus RangoliCourtesy of Sowmya Raman

Christmas means Santa and gifts, so here is another rangoli that is dedicated to all the kids.

7. Indian Christmas Rangoli  Indian Christmas RangoliCourtesy of Lakshmi Raghu

Draw a rangoli filled with X’mas tree, bells and candles.

8. Jingle Bell Rangoli DesignsRangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Bali

Use orange, purple and pink color to make stars and bells for Christmas.

9. X’Mas Rangoli DesignX'Mas Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Lakshmi Rekhotsava

The black background makes this cool Christmas rangoli stand out.

10. Rangoli Decor for Christmas SeasonRangoli Decor for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Lakshmi Raghu

Prepare a bright orange, green base and make bells, candles, X’mas tree and gifts on it.

11. Christmas KolamChristmas KolamCourtesy of Revathi Ilango

You can even make Christmas kolam in front of your house during Christmas.

12. Christmas KolangalChristmas KolangalCourtesy of Revathi Ilango

This is a lovely Christmas kolangal. Show the kids enjoying the X’mas season.

13. Indian Floor Art for ChristmasRangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Brindha Nagesh

Make Christmas Holly leaves and berries in the centre and surround it with bells.

14. Merry Christmas RangoliRangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of M. Kanchana

An awesome rangoli for Christmas season!

15. Colorful Rangoli for ChristmasColorful Rangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Lakshmi Raghu

You can choose this colorful festive rangoli in your living room on X’mas.

16. Small Rangoli for ChristmasRangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Janakannan

This small, carpet rangoli is made on a table top. Add snowman, reindeer, Christmas tree and Santa on it.

17. Christmas Rangoli with DotChristmas Rangoli with DotCourtesy of Art Platter

Go for this kolam that is made up of candle and Santa pattern.

18. Kolam Rangoli for Christmas CelebrationRangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Here is a gorgeous kolam rangoli that you can make for Christmas. This will definitely draw every kid’s attention.

19. Simple Christmas Rangoli  Rangoli for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Neelam Bandhu Verma

Check out this simple bell rangoli for Christmas season. Use lots of different color to create this rangoli.

20. Snowflake Kolam for ChristmasSnowflake kolam for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Indhu Gopal

I love this snowflake kolam! It’s very pretty and neat.

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