20 Rangoli with Dots

Diwali Rangoli with Dots

Rangoli with dots are easy to make as you know exactly how and where to draw the line. The dots guide you through and help you make even the most intricate patterns with ease.

Come and discover some really cool colorful dot rangoli designs with us. All you need to do is make dots and join them as shown. Then fill the rangoli patterns with the choicest of colors.

1. Dot Rangoli Designs

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Nirmala Lokesh Shriyan

Make 12-12 dots to get this gorgeous rangoli design. Fill it up with color to get this look.

2. Colourful Dot Rangoli

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Kavita Vichare

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This beautiful dot rangoli has 11 lines of 11 parallel dots. Join them as shown in the image above to get this pattern.

3. Dot Kolam Designs

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Shrunkhala Mohite‎

Draw this dot kolam design in front of your house during festivals. This is a 15-1 dot kolam; color it if you feel like.

4. Patriotic Rangoli Design with Dots

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Jyoti Mahajan Kale‎

Make 3 line having 13 dots in the center then decrease and stop at 3 dots.  This is a patriotic rangoli made with dots. Try making it on Indian Independence or Republic Day.

5. Dot Rangoli 

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Shweta Nimje‎

Make 15-1 parallel dots and join them. Fill it with red, blue, yellow, orange and violet color.

6. Rangoli with Dots

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Ashwini Gokhale‎

Here is a perfect Diwali rangoli design. This is a 21-21 parallel dot rangoli. I love the lanterns in it, seems like a typical festive rangoli.

7. Dotted Rangoli Designs

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Divya Disawal‎

This rangoli has a Swastika in the center and a nice floral border all along it. Make 9-9 parallel dots to create this cute rangoli design.

8. Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Anita Suvarna

Check out this easy rangoli for Diwali. Make starry patterns with the help of 17-17 dots and decorate it with diya at dusk.

9. Dot Rangoli Pattern 

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Sayali Mandawale

Here is an intricate rangoli design with geometric patterns. This one consists 18-18 parallel dots. Place diyas along the corners to give it a festive look.

10. Diwali Rangoli Designs with Dots

Rangoli with Dots

Courtesy of Sayali Mandawale

Make 8 lines in the center having 28 parallel dots and gradually decrease it to 8 dots at the end. Make this rangoli at the entrance to welcome the deity and guests into your house.

11. Dots Rangoli Design Image

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Ashwini Gokhale‎

Take a look at this pretty rangoli design with simple patterns and subtle color.

12. Rangoli Art Designs

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Sheetal Malode

13. Simple Rangoli Designs

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Rupali Tomke

This is the simplest of all designs. It is a 5-5 dot rangoli design and can be drawn within minutes.

14. Small Rangoli with Dots

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Dipali Savale

Put 10-10 dots to make this Lotus rangoli design. Rub out the extra dots once you complete the pattern. Fill it with rangoli color.

15. Rangoli Small Easy Designs

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Sudrisht

What a lovely rangoli design! It is an easy 7-7 dot rangoli. The colors used in it look bold and refreshing.

16. Rangoli with Dots for Competition

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Vinns

This rangoli consists of 11-6 interlaced dots. Make the outline with white color and fill it with orange, red, pink, peach, magenta colors in it.

17. Rangoli for Diwali

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Thilaga Sridharan

Here is a Diwali rangoli design with 15-1 dots. Make a Sikku kolam in the center and diyas and flowers around it to form this rangoli pattern.

18. Rangoli Designs with Dots and Colours

Rangoli with Dots Courtesy of Jaykishan Dubal

I love this bright dot rangoli design. Make 13-13 parallel dots for this rangoli.

19. Latest Dot Rangoli Designs

Rangoli with Dots Courtesy of Kshama Ghui

Make this 14-14 parallel dot rangoli design in your courtyard. This is an easy design and can be made by beginners too.

20. Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli with DotsCourtesy of Megs Rangoli

This is a rangoli with 9-1 dots. Make it during Diwali festival. Fill vibrant red and yellow colors in it to mark the festive season.

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