Repurposed Metal Drum Ideas

11 Ways to Use Repurposed Metal Drum

Old oil drums are of no use; most of them are dumped in your backyard and forgotten. But, there are many creative repurposed metal drum projects that you need to know about.

You can recycle them and make chairs, table, sofa, light fixture, storage cabinets and planters from these gallon metal barrels.

Here are some inspiring repurposed metal drum ideas, do check them out.

1. Gallon Steel Drum IdeasRepurposed Metal Drum

Use old metal drums to make this amazing set of stools and a table.

2. Repurposed Metal Drum FurnitureRepurposed Metal Drum Furniture

The repurposed metal drum can also be used to design patio or living room furniture.

3. Metal Barrel SeatsMetal Barrel Seats

Metal barrels can be cut and made into this hot pink seat. Dress up your sofa with cosy cushions and its all set to make a statement.

4. Repurposed Metal Drum for GardeningRepurposed Metal Drum

Place the steel metal drums in your garden and plant flowers in it. Paint them to give the drums a makeover.

5. Reusing Metal Oil Drums Repurposed Metal Drum

You can even reuse these drums to build this unique storage cabinet for your house. Cut the drum into half and add shelves to it.

6. Recycled Oil Metal Drum LightingRecycled Oil Metal Drum

Isn’t this light fixture looking cool? It is also made up of repurposed metal drum.

7. Repurposed Metal Drum ProjectsRepurposed Metal Drum Projects

Here is a toy train made up of recycled barrel steel drum. Kids are definitely enjoying this ride.

8. Repurposed Metal Barrel IdeasRepurposed Metal Barrel

This is another great way to put those waste oil metal barrels to work. Cut them up and design a cycle stand out of it.

9. Metal Barrel TableMetal Barrel Table

Attach a glass top to the repurposed metal drum and use it as a table.

10. Repurposed Metal Drum BarbecueRepurposed Metal Drum

How about a barbecue party for your friends? Make a barbecue using the gallon metal drums lying in your backyard.

11. Repurposed Metal Drum BenchRepurposed Metal Drum Bench

Burgess Food Project created stunning drum benches that were installed at London Pleasure gardens as part of the London Festival of Architecture in 2012. Entire body of these benches is made from metal drums, whereas the seating area is formed out of wooden planks.

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