Rooftop Seating Ideas

Interesting Rooftop Seating Ideas

Discover some pretty interesting rooftop seating ideas. In our busy life we seldom get time to spend with our family and friends. A perfect atmosphere to celebrate this togetherness would be an icing on the cake.

Here are some attractive rooftop seating ideas to create the perfect ambience.

1. Simple Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Gast Architects, Photography by Paul Dyer

Rooftop seating ideas like these are comfortable and cozy. The wicker furniture with white and orange cushion looks great. The glass railing fixed on the concrete wall gives a clear view of the surroundings, making the evenings all the more enjoyable.

2. Contemporary Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of London Garden Designer

Check out this brilliant entertaining space! Go for hyperbolic shade sail which is a brilliant thought. The wood strips serving as the privacy screen is modern and smart. Adding artificial grass in the seating area helps connecting it to the nature. The furniture and the lighting arrangement are wonderful.

3. Rooftop Seating Ideas with Garden

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Terra Firma Design, Photography by Brandon Barre

This rooftop patio serves as an outdoor room with its built-in couch, coffee table and the comfortable chairs. It’s best to use outdoor fabric for the furniture in exposed areas. Imagine the exotic beauty of the ambience, once the candles in these vintage candle stands are lit.

4. Modern Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Pitch Concepts, Photography by Chicago Home Photos

Do up the entire place done up in grey wood. The centre table and the fire pit adds more to the beauty. Everything in bluish grey creates a mystic ambience. The green plantations and the cushions in fresh colors make the deck look graceful.

5. Traditional Style Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of C Marie Designs

These rooftop seating ideas are such that they would make you feel relaxed after the day’s hard work. Everything here seems colorful and bright. There is a whiff of happiness and positivity engulfing the entire place. The carpet looks wonderful. Match the upholstery with the colors of the flowers, highlighting the infusion of nature.

6. Seating Ideas for Patio

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Rachel Reider Interiors

Here is a simple but elegant patio seating arrangement. This can also be used for designing your rooftop area. You can say it is a blend of traditional and modern set up by way of the traditional wicker furniture and the modern wired coffee table. The railings and the ceiling look sleek and neat. Red cushions and the red coffee table add brightness to the otherwise predominant brown color.

7. Small Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Chicago Green Design, Photography by Tyrone Mitchel

This is a narrow space but is done in a manner wherein every corner is functional. There is open space with lots of greenery to bask in the sun, amidst nature. A small seating lounge is also created in one corner under an interesting canopy. Lovely rooftop seating ideas indeed!

8. Stylish Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Rikki Snyder

This is certainly a great outdoor deck decor. Use of concrete and wood make a nice contrast. The greenery and the sunlight ring in an element of freshness to the atmosphere. Adding on to the stylish decor is the exquisite centerpiece!

9. Terrace Garden and Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of My Landscapes – Amir Schlezinger, Photography by Lucy Fitter

This is a small terrace with a simple seating arrangement with an L-shaped couch. Lots of greenery at different levels is added to the decor. The lighting arrangement plays a pivotal role in highlighting the area. Opaque glass wall fence is a thoughtful yet attractive idea.

10. Rooftop Deck Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Chicago Green,  Photography by Tyrone Mitchell

These are some of the best contemporary rooftop seating ideas. The furniture goes well along with the wooden flooring. Create a cozy atmosphere by adding a fire pit in the center. The small and colorful garden gives a pleasant feeling to the area.

11. Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Amber Freda Garden Design

Check out this stylish, modish and contemporary rooftop idea. Put up smart looking wicker furniture. Add planters as they are beautiful and can be adjusted as per the requirement. The bright colored flowers are matching the cushion covers and creating a nice view.

12. Rooftop Garden Terrace Design

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Christian Duvernois Gardens

This is a beautiful roof top sit out. I love the striped upholstery, it looks elegant. The tree in the planter is looking attractive. Immense greenery means fresh air and close proximity to nature.

13. Cozy Seating Arrangement Ideas 

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Landmass London

This is an awesome sitting lounge. It is looking more decorative because of the bamboo planters behind the outdoor section. The wooden flooring looks magnificent. A beautiful sit-out to enjoy the evening coffee!

14. Colorful Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of Domus Nova

Rooftop seating ideas like these have got many interesting elements in them. Design a nice sitting deck in one corner of the roof to enjoy a cozy evening with friends. A dining table is also placed for a spread of sumptuous meals. The oversized planters add on to the many interesting features of the patio.

15. Chic Rooftop Seating Ideas

Rooftop Seating IdeasCourtesy of DG Landscapes

This patio must be the jewel of a dream house. Sipping a nice cup of coffee you can enjoy a beautiful view from this rooftop. Add some stylish modern furniture in here. The wooden flooring and the transparent glass railing add more to the enticing beauty of the patio.


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