Rotating TV Installation Ideas

Multiple Rotating TV Installation for your Home

Having multiple television sets in our home is quite common these days. But getting one for each room may not be feasible for your pocket. Hence, rotating TV installation ideas can do the trick. Rotating TV sets are an easy option for better viewing. It is a good idea to install a television that one can watch from different places. This makes it space friendly and adds a dash of style to your home.

Today people are into multi-tasking. They want options, therefore rotating TV – a modern concept with easy application. You can get your TV to rotate by placing it on a table, a TV stand, a pillar or else hang it from your ceiling. Here are some more ideas and solutions that you may like:

1. Hanging TV Set

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Silvia Nayla

The TV hanging from the post defines modernity in this kitchen. This is an ideal way to blissful cooking. The gleaming sun beams add on to the positiveness of the ambiance. And the best part you can binge watch it from your living room too.

2. Rotating Wooden Panel

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Elif Kinikoglu Interiors

Here the TV is mounted beautifully on a multipurpose rotational wall. You can easily set the TV wall in any desired angle for better viewing in your studio apartment.

3. Pedestal Mount

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Bigtime Design

This television, mounted on a pedestal, can easily be rotated at 360 degrees. This arrangement certainly brings all the family members together after a hectic day.

4. Room Divider for Television

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Dana Shaked Interior Design Studio

This is a lovely concept wherein the swivel TV wall is used as a divider between the kitchen and the living area. It is perfect for a small apartment to save space. The storage area below it is an interesting addition.

5. Use Your Wall

Rotating TV

This is an amazing wall partition idea encompassing the rotational TV. Entertainment in a private enclosure, quite refreshing and rejuvenating indeed! Keep flipping it between the two rooms to watch your favorite show.

6. Set up a Wooden Panel

Rotating TV

Courtesy of DawnElise Interiors

I love the walnut brown color concept of this room. The rotational TV is definitely an icing on the cake. This is a wonderful concept keeping the comfort of the residents in mind.

7. Innovative Use of Partition

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Vgzarquitectura

The chief highlight of this studio apartment is this beautiful wooden partition flaunting the rotating TV. The flat panel TV certainly gives a cozy touch to the apartment.

8. Rotating Panel

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Fernando Revah

This is an attractive media panel.  Apart from the rotating TV the dividing panel also has a good storage capacity. Display your books or artifacts that reflects your style.

9. Hang it on the Pole

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

The large TV is mounted on pole swing for non-stop entertainment. The rotational TV serves as a splendid divider to this family room, segregating the areas to give it a more comfortable feel.

10. Above the Fireplace

Rotating TV

Courtesy of Despina Design, Photography by Pearlin Design & Photography

Going for red furniture against a white background with black accents is always a good idea. The innovative wood structure houses an interesting fireplace. Adding on more to its uniqueness is the rotating TV which can be used both for living, kitchen and dining room.

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