11 Small Simple Indian Bathroom Designs

Budget-Friendly Simple Indian Bathroom Designs Gallery

Discover cleverly planned simple Indian bathroom designs for your homes.

Nowadays apartments are not very big and so are the bathrooms. Small bathrooms are a common feature in most Indian homes. Sometimes, they are uncomfortably cramped because of the space crunch. However, you can maximize the available space through clever designing.

Here are some wonderful simple Indian bathroom designs to give a special look to your bathroom.

1. Simple Bathroom Design without Bathtub

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Think Designz, Photography by Prashant Bhat

Stylish and simple Indian bathroom designs like these compel you to pause and take a look! Take a peep at this gorgeous bathroom with white tiles and wash basin. The oblong wash basin and the ceiling look quite interesting. Huge mirror above the vanity adds elan to the bathroom. There is a small window that allows lots of fresh air and sunlight in here.

2. Smart Budget-Friendly Design

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Form Space N Design Architects

Plan a perfect bathroom design for small areas. Keep a tab on the placement of basin, toilet and shower area. The vanity below the basin countertop serves as a good storage space. I like the idea of creating some extra storage behind the toilet. Segregate the bath area using glass panels.

3. Clean Smart Bathroom Interior

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Madhvi Kedar Interior Solutions

This small Indian bathroom looks simple and neat. It is well-lit and the opaque window in the bathing area welcomes some natural light too. I love the mirror above the vanity. The bathroom is attached to the bedroom for easy accessibility. Use of horizontal lines elongates the look of this small bathroom design.

4. Go Bold and Dramatic

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Roped Design, Photography by Vibhor Yadav

These simple Indian bathroom designs flaunts stylish and modern sanitary ware. The beautiful design of the wash basin cannot be ignored. Add drama with dark walls. The tiled floor and the grey stone walls are well in unison. The bench incorporated in the shower area is an interesting feature.

5. Organize your Bathroom 

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of A360 Architects

This small Indian bathroom design takes mundane color combinations into consideration yet maintaining the elegance. It is an ideal example of a simple Indian style bathroom. There is a cool vanity below the wash basin with ample storage capacity. It helps in giving an organized look to the bathroom. The shower area is neatly separated using a glass panel.

6. Long Narrow Bathroom Design

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Ansari Architects

Here is a long sleek bathroom with a fabulous glass shower cubicle at the far end. This serves the purpose well – keeps the bathroom dry and organized. I liked the shape of the wash basin. The earthen colors give it a simple clean look. This budget friendly bathroom is an interesting addition to a comfortable home.

7. Black and White Bathroom

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of AIS Designs

These simple Indian bathroom designs are quite space-friendly. Today flats are compact and so you need to design the bathrooms thoughtfully. This bathroom has dark stone flooring and white ceiling. Do up the walls using a classic mix of black and white tiles. The light arrangement efficiently sidetrack the dark shades and brightens up the entire area.

8. Use Textured Flooring

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Contours The Design Company

The beautiful textured flooring is the highlight of this small bathroom design. It is quite instrumental in removing the focus from the size of the bathroom. Go for a nice vanity with lots of storage space. Place everything in there neatly keeping the space crunch in mind.

9. Tile it up

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of AMPM Designs

This is one of those picture perfect simple Indian bathroom designs. Use two different kinds of tiles to do up the wall; just see to it that they are in sync. Install glass panels to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Place the toiletries conveniently in the niche below the window.

10. Transitional Touch

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Roped Design, Photography by Vibhor Yadav

This is an attractive bathroom with an ideal design and everything just right in place. A comfortable niche to feel fresh and happy throughout the day! The purple sink area is an interesting addition to add glamour to your bathroom. Add right lighting to keep all bright and bubbly.

11. Plan a Stylish Interior

Simple Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Form Space N Design Architects

Once you open the door to this bathroom and you will find yourself in a world of style and elegance. Put up some shelves in the bathroom to showcase the toiletries and stylish sanitary wares. It’s a well-lit area. Add mirrors to your bathroom to make it look larger in appearance.

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