20 Simple Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Here are some interesting small bathroom decorating ideas that you can easily incorporate in your home. These decorating ideas are simple yet effective. Most of them will easily fit into your budget and help you enhance the interior decor of your small bathroom design.

Check out these amazing small bathroom decorating ideas and find one for your house:

1. Creative Use of Corner Space

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Robert Nebolon Architects, Photography by David Duncan Livingston

Install a pretty glass sink and a mirror in the corner of your small bathroom. This will help you save space and increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

2. Use Mirror to Create Illusion

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Kimoy Studios

Mirrors can play magic in small spaces. They can be decorative and functional both at the same time. So, don’t forget to add one to your small bathroom.

3. Add a Ladder Shelf for Storage

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Big Bean Construction

Go for a ladder shelf. It looks stylish and is a great addition to your bathroom. Place your towels, toiletries, candles and plants on it.

4. Go for a Crisp Wallpaper Look

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Fiddlehead Design Group, Photography by Susan Gilmore

Wallpaper is great for decoration purpose. They add life to any given space. Hence our small bathroom decorating ideas include this hack too.

5. Build-in Shelves for Storage

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors, Photography by Eugene Kulibaba

Build-in shelves in bathroom walls are ideal for storage purpose. They don’t take up any extra space and you can add decorative pieces on it.

6. Pick a Custom Basin

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Keir Townsend Interiors

Decorate your small bathroom with a custom-made basin. This awesome sink is made out of recycled glass. It is backlit with LED lights.

7. A Beautiful Tiled Floor 

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Propia Limited, Photography by Henry Hunt

Patterned tiles can change the look of a bathroom. There are a wide range of tiles available in the market you can easily get one that fits into your bathroom.

8. Pick some Unique Pieces

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of YAM Stusios, Photography by Simon Eldon

Adding a few unique pieces to your bathroom is an ideal way to decorate it. I love the hexagonal floor tiles, mirror and the stool in here.

9. Choose Floating Fixtures

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Pett & Associates, Photography by Elizabeth Dooley

Keep everything afloat in a small bathroom. This way the bathroom looks bigger and better and becomes easy to clean around.

10. Add a Few Floating Shelves 

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Joie De Vie Interiors, Photography by Sarah Baker

Put up a few reclaimed wood shelves in the bathroom. Use it to display small potted plants and photos. Wooden shelves look chic and bring warmth to the space.

11. Antique Armoire for Storing Linen

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Joni Spear Interior Design, Photography  Matthew Harrer

Get an antique armoire instead of building shelves. Paint it in a bright color and place it in your bathroom. Use it to keep your towels and other bath essentials.

12. Place a Colorful Rug

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Ashton for Design, Photographed by Terra Lange

Use rugs for small bathroom decorating ideas. They are fabulous and easily available anywhere and everywhere. They come in all sizes and fit into any budget.

13. Think Out of the Box

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Hsu McCullough, Photo by Clark Dugger

This is an old sewing machine that has been used as a vanity. Get some realistic ideas for decorating your small bathroom or powder room.

14. Blast of Color

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Bazant

Brighten up the bathroom with colorful floor tiles and storage space. Paint the niche in the wall and add glass shelves in there for storage.

15. Smart Floating Vanity

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of iPozdnyakov Studio, Photography by Sergey Ananiev

Choose a stylish vanity for that superb looking dream bathroom. Just make sure it has enough storage space to fit in all the basic items.

16. Give it a Soothing Feel

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Michael Tauber Architecture, Photography by Bay Area VR – Eli Poblitz

Decorate the niche in the small bathroom with aromatic candles to create a serene spa like environment. This will have a calming effect on you.

17. Add a Bit of Greenery

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Saunders Building Company

Plants are the most preferred item for decoration. Place some in your bathroom. I like the mirrored shelves in this bathroom; they are a great space saver.

18. Dress it up with a Shower Curtain

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Mattson & Company, Photos by Dotty Photography

Use shower curtains to decorate the bathroom. The best part of having shower curtains instead of glass doors is that you can change it whenever you get bored.

19. Add Drama with Dark and Shiny Walls

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Archslon

Here is a glamorous shiny black bathroom. It looks marvelous and will make you feel out of this world. Add proper lighting to bring out the best.

20. Hang an Artwork

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Coupdeville, Photography by Simon Kennedy

Adding a nice artwork or photo can take your small bathroom decorating ideas a few notches up the ladder. Also check out the 3D floor tiles.

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