Small Bathroom Ideas

Tiny Yet Comfortable Small Bathroom Ideas

Discover small bathroom ideas for small homes. Space is a luxury for most of us but we still can fit in most of the necessary items in a small bathroom design.

Bathroom is the space in a house that is build with the intention of private sanitation. It is also a place where a person distresses themselves after a long day. A beautifully and elegantly done up bathroom escalates ones experience of luxurious relaxation.

Here are some stunning and beautiful small bathroom ideas.

1. Neutral Colored Small Bathroom  Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Kate Khrestsov

The look of this small bathroom design is beautiful. The combination of white walls with warm colours is giving it a smart look. The cabinet below the sink offers ample storage capacity. The glass partition separating the bathing area looks quite interesting.

2.  Small Bathroom Layout Ideas Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of TG-Studio, Photography by Philip Vile

This bathroom has a fabulous layout that is ideal for small space. The mirror shelving over the sink and the wall mounted toilet makes the room feel little bigger. The glass cubicle separates the bath area from the rest of the bathroom.

3.  Contemporary Small Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Anna Stathaki Photography

This is a contemporary small bathroom design. The white tiles make this small space look larger. The idea of using an accent wall in a different shade adds to the smartness of this bathroom.

4.  Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget Small Bathroom Ideas on a BudgetCourtesy of Apollo Bathrooms, Photography by Kevin Beard

A simple yet attractive bathroom design! This is a very small narrow bathroom design made on a budget. The features are minimal in this bathroom but the comfort seems to ooze from everywhere.

5.  Small Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Orchestrate, Photography by Kat Antos-Lewis

A stylish and simple bathroom design that incorporates a small vanity, sink, toilet, bathtub and a bath area.  The white colour wall and tiles gives a feel of spaciousness. The chrome bathroom fixtures add more to the contemporary feel.

6. Small Bathroom Storage Ideas  Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of European Heritage, Photography by Greg Hibner

The large format tiles give a feeling of expansion. The bathroom fixtures look very smart specially the sink. The cupboard and the pull out drawers offer lots of storage space to keep your toiletries.

7. Small White Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Flagg Coastal Homes, Photography by Ed Gohlich

I simply love the white details in this small bathroom idea along with the bronze accessories used in here. The panelling on the pullout vanity cabinet looks very attractive. Match the tiles on the countertop, floor and shower area to add more to its appeal.

8. Traditional Small Bathroom Ideas  Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Rocco DiLeo

Create this amazing small bathroom design by efficient use of small space. It has a fresh lovely colour scheme! The creams and white are in perfect co-ordination. I love the patterned shower floor; it adds newness to the concept.

9. Small Bathroom Designs Small Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Desyne Developments, Photography by Nick Billings

These are some lovely and well-defined small bathroom ideas. This bathroom has a huge window with the garden outside. It seems to be well-lit naturally. Everything in this tiny bathroom looks awesome and squeaky clean.

10. Space Saving Small Bathroom Ideas  Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Colin Cadle Photography

This space-saving small bathroom design has a unique checker board floor. The beach style interiors are a welcoming change. Augmenting to its sophistication is this lovely shower apt for a small bathroom.

11. Small Bathroom Plan  Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Ashdale Project, Photography by DJB

The layout of this bathroom is fantastic. The grey wall  partitions the walk in shower area. The skylight makes it well-lit and cosy. Check out the mirror on the wall, it has an interesting shape. The shelf over the toilet linked to the sink is a thoughtful idea.

12. Small Serene Bathroom Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Mark Brand Architecture

This is a simple, modern and elegant bathroom design. The textured stone accent wall creates a spa like feel in the bath. The concept of the floating shelf across the mirror that is going down to the bottom of the sink carries an element of novelty.

13. Industrial Bathroom Ideas  Small Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of K D Ellis Interiors, Photography by Jim Miller

Take a look at this gorgeous industrial style small bathroom design. The bath area next to the toilet has been done up elegantly. The wooden storage shelf and the sink add to the beauty of this bathroom.

14. Small Bathroom Sink Ideas  Small Bathroom Sink IdeasCourtesy of ZeroEnergy Design, Photography by Eric Roth

The grey, white and brown colour scheme makes this bathroom very attractive. The stone wall and concrete floor blends in to create this beauty. The bathroom has a LED lit storage cabinet that glows. The shape of the sink is unique and looks quite interesting.

15. Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas  Small Bathroom Vanity IdeasCourtesy of HEMS Design

This small bathroom idea in white is having clean neat lines that make it all the more attractive. The pull out drawers in brown gives ample storage capacity. Nice compact bath area with a stylish mirrored towel rack.

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