Discover Space Saving Small Bedroom Bed Designs

Small Bedroom Beds

Discover small bedroom bed designs for your house. These clever small bedroom beds will not only save space, but also add up to the style quotient of your house.

Space is a luxury in today’s world. You need to make the most of available floor space. Go for these creative small bedroom bed designs to optimization space.

Check out our small bedroom bed designs for tiny homes, bachelor pads and studio apartments:

1. Horizontal Pull down Bed for Small BedroomSmall Bedroom Bed Designs Small Bedroom Bed Designs Courtesy of Diane Burgio Design

Get this pull down bed for your small bedroom. Integrate it with open shelves to create a cosy nook for yourself. Fold the bed in the morning, add a few stools and it becomes a nice, lovely seating area.

2. Small Bedroom Bed for Studio ApartmentSmall Bedroom Bed for Studio Apartment Small Bedroom Bed for Studio ApartmentCourtesy of Black and Milk Residential

Having a foldable bed is a perfect solution for a small studio apartment. It gives you an opportunity to have a spacious living room during the day and proper king size bedroom at night.

3. Trundle Small Bedroom BedTrudle Small Bedroom Bed DesignCourtesy of Tamalpais Construction Company

A trundle daybed is a nice way to create extra sleeping space in your bedroom. You can easily pull it out at night and roll it back during the day. Look for trundle that pops up at the same level as the daybed.

4. Small Bedroom Bed with StorageSmall Bedroom Bed with StorageCourtesy of Jeffers Design Group, Photography by Joe Fletcher

Choose this cleverly designed bed with lots of storage drawers underneath it. The headboard extends to create storage space for books and other items. You don’t need a nightstand, place lamps on top of the headboard.

5. Small Bedroom Bed SolutionsSmall Bedroom Bed Solutions Small Bedroom Bed SolutionsCourtesy of Raad Studio, Photography by Allan Zepeda

Here is an ideal solution for small bedroom. The room doubles up as home office during the day with desks and shelves. At night it becomes your bedroom. Just fold out the desks and pull down your bed.

6. Murphy Bed for Small Bedroom Small Bedroom BedCourtesy of Gelling & Judd Inc.

When dealing with small bedrooms, nothing beats the Murphy bed. You can fold this type of bed up into the wall when not in use. Thus, makes the floor space free for other purposes. You can buy readymade or custom designed Murphy bed to fit your space.

7. Murphy Bunk Bed for Small BedroomMurphy Bunk Bed for Small Bedroom Murphy Bunk Bed for Small BedroomCourtesy of Géraldine Laferté, Photography by Stéphane Déroussent

Here is a well designed space consisting of Murphy bunk bed, bureau and a seating area. The bed is placed high up in the wall, thus leaving the lower part usable even when the bed is down. Love the nesting coffee table and the benches.

8. Small Bedroom Set-upSmall Bedroom Bed Small Bedroom BedCourtesy of Closets for Life

Design build-in wall shelves for storage and a cosy window seating in your bedroom. The fold-down bed is beautifully concealed inside the cupboard. Pull it down when you need to sleep.

9. Small Bedroom Bed IdeasSmall Bedroom Bed IdeasCourtesy of ColeBuilt

This is how you deal with small spaces. Make maximum use of space on either side of the door. Place twin beds with storage underneath.

10. Small Bedroom LayoutSmall Bedroom Bed DesignsCourtesy of Kathleen Burke Design

Get this small bedroom layout for your home. Go for a small upholstered bed with nightstand and a tufted bench. Make sure you don’t buy an oversized bed or you would end up feeling cramped.

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