Elements to Look for in Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

15 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

These small bedroom decorating ideas will change the way you look at small rooms. They can help you transform your small bedroom into visual delight.

The bedroom comes in all shapes and sizes. Large and mid-size bedrooms are easy to plan, design and decorate. But when it comes to small bedroom decorating ideas, most people run out of ideas. It’s hard for them to do the interiors of the small bedroom. So, check out some of our fabulous small bedroom decorating ideas to transform your house into a beautiful abode.

Here are a few ways to put the small bedroom space to optimum use and make the most of it.

1. Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of InDesign / Lori Ludwick, Photography by Gordon Beall

The subtle beige color scheme in combination with brown gives a feeling of space and openness to this bedroom area. Make the space look bright and inviting by adding vibrant throw pillows. Use wallpaper with columns to add depth to the wall. The French window treatment looks awesome!

2. Small Colorful Bedroom Designs 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Photovisions

This looks like a perfect layout for a small bedroom. The profuse use of pink make this room look colorful and bright. Colors can help create distraction and drama in a small space. Match your wallpaper with the curtains and throw pillows to make the decor more interesting.

3. Small Bedroom Furniture

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of The L&C Company, Photography by Theirry Cardineau

Small bedroom decorating ideas should focus on the color scheme and the furniture to accentuate the space. The beauty of this room lies in the mirrored side tables and the magnificent headboard. Pep up the room with gold print cushions that go quite well with the grey color.

4. Modern Bedroom Designs 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Mary Cook

Here is a contemporary house with modern furniture. Go for a small bed and side tables if you have less space in your bedroom. The smart and simple look of this bedroom extends a cozy feel. The chest of drawers adds ample of storage space and the pendant lamps make it chic and urban.

5. Small Bedroom Layout

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Faith Cosgrove

These are splendid small bedroom decorating ideas. The huge window makes the room seem much bigger. Use sheer curtains to allow enough sunlight to enter the room. Play with textures, the velvet throws and cushions make the room attractive and smart.

6. Small Master Bedroom Designs 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Boscolo Interior Design

This master bedroom is exemplary of such small bedroom decorating ideas. Here you can see the clever use of space. The headboard creates a false sense of height. Ensemble of print and plain furnishing is fabulous and instrumental in toning down the dark colors in the room. I love the wall sconce, looks interesting.

7. White Bedroom Designs

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Wanda Elaine

White, an inherently positive color, gives a touch of softness and serenity to the room. It can also make a small space look more open and big. Place large cushions on the bed to make it a fabulous place to rest after a hard day. Add a hint of color by placing a few planters in the room.

8. Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Bryant Hill Media

I would love to sit near the window and savour the beautiful view outside. The straight lined furniture with light-colored upholstery gives a distinguished look to this bedroom. Add lots of patterns to create visual distraction and make it look more interesting.

9. Small Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of LUX Design

Incorporation of elements like the floral cushions or the chic lamps on an equally stylish headboard gives an insight to some awesome small bedroom decoration ideas. The calm and serene bedroom is centered by patterned wallpaper. Use of sliding glass cupboard door makes the room to look more spacious.

10. Bedroom Ideas for Couples 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Dapa

Look at the vibrancy of this narrow, small but extremely beautiful bedroom! Looks like each morning the sunlight enters this room and fills it with positivity and happiness. The decor speaks about the designers command on small bedroom decorating ideas.

11. Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of GHStyleworks

The dark furniture and the soft linen add to the soothing and peaceful ambiance of the room. Go for small leggy side tables to save space. The window treatment is great as the blinds start from the bottom of the sill and moves up. This is a neat and simple bedroom decor.

12. Small Indian Bedroom Designs

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of DWG Designs

The upholstered headboard along with the light fixtures on either side looks unique. The round side tables flaunt style and elegance. Decorate the bedroom using an artwork; hang it behind the bed. Go for a natural color palette to create this warm welcoming look.

13. Small Bed Room Decoration Items 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Karen Giffel Interior Design, Photography by Chipper Hatter

Two unique enrapturing features in this bedroom design is the round lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling and the series of pictures on the wall. The bedroom has a unique grey color tone. This bedroom is one among many such small bedroom decorating ideas wherein the talent of the designer is showcased.

14. Small Bedroom Design Ideas 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Jennifer Jones, Photography by Margot Hartford

I love this small master bedroom design; it’s kind of cute and has a wooden vaulted ceiling. The outdoor terrace attached to the room enhances its charm and appeal. Choose straight lined and simple furniture for small spaces. This bedroom has a poise and cool look.

15. Room Decoration Pictures 

Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Tsida

Decorate your bedroom with a nice chandelier and illuminate it using proper light fixtures. Believe me this element has the power to change the entire get up of a room. The floating bed and the side table complement each other. Keep the decor simple and sweet.

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