Small Bedroom Designs

Get Layout and Storage Solutions for Small Bedroom Designs

Space crunch is a common problem but that’s no reason for worry you can still create cosy, stylish small bedroom designs.

1. Small Master Bedroom DesignsSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Taylor Howes Designs

This is a perfect small master bedroom design. The mirror wall makes it look bigger than its actual size. The colors create a serene laid-back ambience. Love the lucite table and bench by the window.

2. Modern Small Bedroom DesignsSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of TLA Studio aka Trevor Lahiff Architects

This is how you can decorate a long narrow room. Keep your small bedroom designs crisp and clean to get this look. Use lighting to do the rest. Use downlights that spread across the room and combine it with lamps.

3. Small Bedroom Decorating IdeasSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Flegel’s Construction, Photography by Bruce Damonte

Put up glass sliders or French doors to extend small bedroom designs beyond the walls. A room that opens up to a deck or a garden never makes you feel confined or trapped.

4. Tiny Bedroom DesignsSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Alex Maguire Photography

Optimize space by using vertical space. Go for shelves and cabinets to store your clothes, books and other useful items and also showcase your knick-knacks.

5. Small Bedroom DesignsSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Anna Casa, Photography by Mel Yates

Here is a stunning small bedroom with where you can rejuvenate and de-stress yourself. Love the color scheme and the transition of bedside table into a desk with a storage unit with lighting on top.

6. Small Bedroom Design IdeasSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Ample Design

In a sleek, narrow bedroom like this, go for horizontal positioning of bed across the width instead up against the length. The build-in window desk is an ideal place to work as you can always peek out when bored.

7. Small Bedroom DecorSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Todd Davis Architecture

Decorate you small bedroom with colorful wallpaper. Create a vibrant accent wall and this will take everyone’s eye off the length and width of the room. This green patterned wallpaper makes the bedroom bold and elegant.

8. Small Bedroom Designs SpaceSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Henry Woide

Choose round accessories that go against the linear nature of a small narrow bedroom. Avoid stripes as they only enhance the long, thin feel. Opt for sleek furniture to save on space.

9. Small Bedroom Color SchemesSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Kate Riley

While doing up a small space use colors that helps open up and brighten the room. Avoid using dark colors. Go for warm shades in whites and off-whites and light gray.

10. Simple Small Bedroom DesignSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Studio D

Bulky furniture can make small bedroom designs stuffed and crowded. Go for a small bed and leggy night stand. Light leggy furniture makes a small room visibly less cramped.

11. Small Colorful Bedroom DesignsSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Studio Stamp

Add a whiff of freshness to your tiny bedroom by adding colors to it. Use pillows, duvet and wall art to add color to the otherwise white bedroom. I simply love this white lamp and bedside tables.

12. Small Bedroom FurnitureSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Room & Board

Check out this simple clean small bedroom designs. Place mismatched side tables, queen sized bed and a tall chest of drawers in the room.

13. Small Bedroom Designs for CouplesSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Dream House Studios

Here is an awesome small bedroom design for couples. Choose a lovely bed and neutral palette to do up your master bedroom. Decorate it with a nice chandelier and bedside lamps.

14. Small Bedroom SolutionsSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Koi Decoration & Design

Want to create some extra storage and display space in your small bedroom then use vertical space. Build cubbies, floating desk and small cabinets along the wall. Vertical storage units can offer solution for storage problems that arise due to scarcity of space.

15. Small Bedroom IdeasSmall Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of S.I.D

When buying furniture for small spaces choose furniture with storage. Build lots of cupboards in the wall along with a niche for your TV.

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