21 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Facing Storage Problem – Check Out a Few Small Bedroom Storage Tips to Solve It

Not many have the luxury of living in spacious bungalows, duplex or flats, most of us have to dwell in small houses, which mean one has to survive in a limited space with small bedroom storage.

If you have a small bedroom, you need to take advantage of every nook and cranny. Every inch counts hence, look for pieces that offer multiple storage options. Scale down on anything besides the bed and try using clever unconventional ways to maximize space.

Here are some amazing small bedroom storage ideas and techniques that will help you store more in less.

1. Stackable BasketsSmall bedroom StorageCourtesy of Houzz

This bedroom has been beautifully done with minimal use of furniture. A couple of woven basket cleverly stacked near the bed serves as a night stand as well.

2. Go Vertical Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Freshome

A bed with drawers, floating book shelves, drawers on wheel, and a study table that doubles up as a bedside table, together make up for impressive small bedroom storage. The vertical space has also been utilised by creating a cabinet that extends up to the ceiling.

3. Corner Creation Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Home-Designing

The corner serves as a cosy, comfortable place to sleep and read. This small bedroom storage solution is a perfect example on how to use the space above your bed to store books. It also uses the space underneath the bed to store DVDs, CDs and books.

4. Bed RaiserSmall bedroom StorageCourtesy of BedBathandBeyond

In order to make the most of a small bedroom, you have to find unique ways to use whatever space you can find. This 8” power bed raiser helps you to create extra storage space beneath the bed.

5. Cut the Bed Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Homesthetics

Choose a small bed and instead of side tables go for shelves on either side of your bed to help you gain some storage space.

6. Bed cum WorkstationSmall bedroom StorageCourtesy of Onekindesign

Roll back the bed to increase floor space during daytime. It comprises of a huge storage unit wherein you can store your clothes, books and other belongings. Use its flap as a table to work on.

7. Go Around Your Bed Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Decoist

Chuck the headboard and use the space around your bed to build cabinets. This will reduce visual clutter and keep the bedroom well organised.

8. Cubbies Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Houzz

Here is a bedroom specially designed for all you girls out there, it has a lot of room for storing those girlie stuff. Hues of blue and pink make it amazingly colourful, refreshing and a haven to retire to.

9. Floating Book Shelves Small bedroom Storage Courtesy of House & Garden

You need to keep a small room well-organized to reduce visual clutter. A small bedroom storage bed can hold lots of items that are not used often. Add a couple of shelves above your bed to keep your favourite books.

10. Use the Wall Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Decoist

A variety of small bedroom storage ideas applied together can help you capitalize on the available space. Create space for shelves, hangers, basket and boxes to store your stuff. Use a curtain to hide them all.

11. Capitalize on the Slant Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Convertlofts

A room with slanting ceiling needs some inventive small bedroom storage design ideas. Make space for your bed and books just beneath the window for maximum light and air. Use colourful wall paper for a vibrant touch.

12. Multiple Shelves Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Woohome

You need to apply some intelligent ideas to create personal space in a small bedroom for storage. Put a few shelves that can double up as a place to display your stuff, hold your books and double up as a place to work.

13. Double Up Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Bedroomwise

This loft bed with work station below saves space and adds a sense of style to your small bedroom. You can work and go to sleep on top whenever you feel like.

14. Touch the Top Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Houzz

If you don’t have floor space, try reaching out a bit higher to create some small bedroom storage space. Use empty walls by putting up a book shelf from one end to the other. Cut down on the size of your bed and night stand get breathing space.

15. Under the Bed Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Ikeahackers

Small bedroom lack in storage space, so start looking for untraditional storage solutions. Go for this unique bed that has a huge storage space underneath it.

16. Hop UpSmall bedroom StorageCourtesy of Onekindesign

This is a great way to add elegance and storage to your bedroom. Incorporate a lot of drawers and cabinets for maximum storage.

17. Add Variety Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Digsdigs

Put an end to your small bedroom storage woes. Make every inch of your room count by going for some creative organizational strategies.

18. Lift It Up Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Homedits

Use this simple bed that has a built-in storage and a place to stack your books. This unit is of great help in houses where people need more storage space.

19. Bed-side Cubbies Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Bobvila

There is a lot of space under your bed that goes unused. Therefore, look for some unconventional ways to use them. Use some of our small bedroom storage ideas for proper utilization of available space.

20. Multi-Purpose Furniture Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Home-Designing

If you’re a small space dweller, you can’t really afford to have much furniture that doesn’t serve a dual purpose.

21. Frame The Window Small bedroom StorageCourtesy of Digsdigs

Frame your window with shelves and drawers to store your belongings if you have a small bedroom. You can even include a small sitting area where you can spend time reading, unwinding or simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

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