Small Home Makeover Ideas

Give a New Look to Your House by Using Small Home Makeover Ideas

Small home makeover ideas can give a new leash of life to your home. You don’t have to go for a complete renovation to transform it. Make some simple little changes to get that desired look.

Check out these cheap, time-saving, effortless, small home makeover ideas:

1. Paint a Wall

Small Home Makeover IdeasCourtesy of Gacek Design Group, Inc.

Instead of painting the entire house, focus on a single wall. Highlight that particular wall with a bright colour or some texture paint. Make sure the colour scheme you choose gels well with existing decor and furnishing of your house.

2. Wallpaper it

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of American Blinds Wallpaper and More

If you don’t want to engage in painting then use wallpaper. There are many beautiful wallpaper designs available in the market.

3. Use Wall Decals and Murals

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Walltat

You can give a face lift to your room by going for a wall decal (Sticker) or mural (Painting).

4. Re-Arrange Furniture

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Interiors by Steven G

If you can’t buy new furniture, re-arrange them or swap the ones you have from one room to another.

5. Renew the Old Furniture

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Brandon Barre

Polish your old furniture to make them look new. Change upholstered sofa and chair covers, or add a slip-on cover to them.

6. Change Them All

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Rethink Design Studio

There are easier ways to give a new look to your home. Change curtains, bed sheet, cushion, pillow and table covers.

7. Get a New Rug

Small Home Makeover IdeasCourtesy of Candice Adler

If you don’t have budget to change the flooring then add a new rug/carpet. You can choose a woollen, polyester or nylon carpet. Choose a size that goes well with the dimensions of the room.

8. Focal Wall

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Ugljesa Kekovic

Create a focal point by adding a new painting, a wall hanging, photo frames, decorative mirrors and other such things on to the wall. A TV can also be used as a focal element like the one in the above image.

9. Center Piece

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Candice Olson

Add a striking center piece to the tables in your living and dining room. You can choose between a flower vase, crystal decorative, candles or a beautiful flower arrangement.

10. Lighting it Up

Small Home Makeover IdeasCourtesy of Erinn Valencich

Play around with light fixtures, add a new lamp or a chandelier and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.

11. Add Greenery

Small Home Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Kristina Wolf Design

Adding indoor plants to your living room is a good idea. They will purify the air and add a refreshing look to your house.

Hope these small home makeover ideas will help you decorate and revamp your house without burning a hole in your pocket.

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