Small Kids Room

Layout for Small Kids Room

Check out these amazing small kids room layouts. See how to turn space-saving tiny bedrooms into your kid’s person space. Decorate them with wallpaper, murals, lighting and interesting furniture.

Take a look at these small kids room and design one for your kid.

1. Tiny Kids Room DesignSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of Domus Nova

Here is a narrow, small kids room with a nice layout. It is a perfect bedroom for boys. Place a single bed on one side and go for the build-in desk and wardrobe on the other.

2. Kids Room with StorageSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of Laura U, Photography by Julie Soefer

This is a cool children room with a bed by the window and build-in cabinetry. These cabinets offer lots of storage space.

3. Very Small Kids RoomSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of West Chin Architects & Interior Designers, Photography by Ken Fischer

Here comes a small futuristic kids bedroom design with ‘Star Wars’ decor. The space in the room has been well utilised. Add soft rope lighting and storage above the bed.

4. Small Kids RoomSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of Jeannine Williams Design, Photography by Kris Tamburello

Paint the walls of this small kids room like a castle and the ceiling like the sky. Match the color of the upholstery with it.

5. Kids Room with Bunk BedSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of Cotton Tree Interiors

You can save on space by going for a bunk bed for your kids. It is impossible to put up two beds in here. Hence, use the vertical space.

6. Murphy Bed for Kids RoomSmall Kids RoomSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of Sarah Fortescue Designs, Photography by MJF Studio

Another intelligent space-saving furniture that you can use in a small kids bedroom is the Murphy bed. These beds can be packed up when not in use.

7. Small Space Saving Kids Room Small Kids RoomCourtesy of Dufner Heighes

Adding an oversized map takes your eye off the room. It brightens up the room and makes it interactive and playful. Put the bed at the far end of the room to get some free space.

8. Small Kids Room IdeasSmall Kids Room IdeasCourtesy of Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

Smart use of space! Use vibrant paint for your kid’s bedroom to create a happy environment for the children.

9. Funky Small Kids RoomSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of MiCasa

Make a small kids room look more spacious by adding funky, colorful wallpaper to it. Use matching curtains and throw pillows to add to the look.

10. Small Kids Room SetupSmall Kids Room SetupCourtesy of Building Buddy

Take a look at this contemporary bedroom design. Use white paint on the walls and ceiling to make it look expansive.

11. Small Kids Room FurnitureSmall Kids Room Furniture Small Kids RoomCourtesy of Genesis Decor

Check out this excellent kids room furniture. Use it as a bed at night and turn it to make it a desk during the day. Kids can work, do their homework, study and play.

12. Small Teen Kids RoomSmall Kids RoomCourtesy of Q Interiors

This seems like a cool teen room, I love the wall art. It lifts up the ambience of the room and adds color to the otherwise white room.

13. Small Space Saving Kids Room Small Space Saving Kids Room Courtesy of Honka

A floating desk saves on floor and huge windows let lots of light in there. Thus, making this small kids room look bigger.

14. Small Kids Room SolutionsSmall Kids Room Solutions Small Kids RoomCourtesy of Chameleon Designs

Here is a solution for small kids room. This room functions as a study and a bedroom. The bed converts as a desk during the day.

15. Decor for Small Kids Room Small Kids RoomCourtesy of Chris Snook

Decorate your kids room to make it more comfortable for the child. This small bedroom has been beautifully done.

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