Small Kitchen Interior Designs

Ways to Design a Small Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where you cook, eat, get together and enjoy, thus sharing special moments together. Most of us have small kitchen but the beauty lies in making clever use of the available space.

Here are some small kitchen interior designs for you. They will help you in renovating your simple kitchen design into a glamorous one.

1. Keep the Contrast

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of AnArchi

The main challenge is in keeping the kitchen fire burning even when you are a little tight on space. This small kitchen is a visual delight with white cabinets and colorful contrast flooring. Putting lights below the cabinet is a wonderful idea. This lightens up the countertop and makes working easy and convenient.

2. Industrial Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of ART-B.O.s

I love this idea of small kitchen. Those exposed brick wall go well with the grey and white. It gives a rustic effect to the ambiance and makes the white cabinetry stand out. The round dining table with matching upholstered chairs add to the coziness of the kitchen.

3. Small Modern Design

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Mobalpa, Photography by Rodolf Noel

The designer of this small kitchen has incorporated certain interesting elements in the decor. I would like to draw your attention to the interesting usage of color and pattern. The smart backsplash is well in sync with the kitchen and helps in creating an illusion of a bigger space.

4. Say it with Flowers

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Kitchens by Kathie

This small kitchen is stylish and comes complete with the most modern amenities and furniture. Organize your kitchen with built-in space for your appliances. It is a fabulous idea as it saves space and gives a neat look to the kitchen. Add proper lights to brighten up the cooking area. Place flowers and potted plant to add fun element to the kitchen area.

5. U-Shape Design

small-kitchen-interior-designs-14 small-kitchen-interior-designs-15Courtesy of Chris Snook

Take a look at the wonderful finesse of the walls and the ceilings of this kitchen. Its U-shape gives a good stretch of working space. The white island chairs are smart. In contrast with the predominating surroundings, all in white, the black countertop and dining table adds more life to the decor.

6. Efficient Use of Space

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Pramukh Modular Kitchen

Here is a tiny kitchen with a perfect design and some really clever planning. I adore this kitchen; everything looks perfectly in place. Match the color of the cabinets with the kitchen appliances for a seamless look. This small kitchen is designed efficiently and effectively giving it a chic look.

7. Compact Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of iD8 Design Studio

This is an ideal layout for a small kitchen. The huge glass door that opens up to the kitchen garden allows lots of sunlight in here. This makes it more open, airy and inviting. The color combination of white and wood is magical. Another interesting feature is the placement of the kitchen appliances. A compact and lovely design indeed!

8. Clutter-Free Design

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Cindy Tham

This small kitchen is equipped with all the modern amenities. The designer has gracefully managed to set up the entire kitchen, in a small area. Everything is organized in the best possible way to evade clutter. It has stylish white cabinets in glossy finish and a concealed drying rack. Flowers add radiance and color to this compact kitchen design.

9. An Added Worktop

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsSmall Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Irina Tatarnikova Decor

Check out this neat small kitchen design with an interesting breakfast nook which can double up as your worktop. It has a forest green cooking range that nestles effectively beside the entryway. The hanging lampshades highlight the small corridor thus making it more conspicuous. I am also fascinated by the beadboard cabinets and the retro-style sink and refrigerator.

10. Go Green 

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Jan McQueen

Green is the color of life and freshness and that falls true for this kitchen. Get the working triangle right to make your kitchen one of the most cozy little corner of your house. This small kitchen flaunts of lots of storage capacity which is ideal once you look at the size of the house.

11. Add Lots of Storage 

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Made to Order Woodworks, Photography by Bedell

Take a glance at this kitchen and you fall in love with it. A beautiful and glamorous kitchen! The grey color provides richness to this small kitchen without being overwhelming. Its design gives you ample space to move around freely. There are lots of cabinets and drawers that offer enough storage space.

12. Eclectic Beauty

Small Kitchen Interior DesignsCourtesy of Case Design

This small kitchen has a simple and clean design with black granite countertops and white cupboards. The kitchen has tall cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling for storage. Hence, in spite of being small the issue of space crunch is resolved. Thoughtful arrangement of light gives it a resplendent look.

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