10 Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Discover small living room design ideas for your small homes and apartment. In spite of space crunch you can design a stylish living room with minimal effort. Just use our ideas and some clever furniture layout to save space.

Take a look at these impeccable small living room design ideas.

1. Use Light Color Palette

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Marion Studio

This is a cool looking living room. Use light neutral color when doing up the interior of a small living room. The beige color tufted sectional is looking amazing on the dark wood floor. Add in a bit of blue to get this look. I love the glass center table which looks like an ottoman.

2. Use Statement Pieces

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Causa Design Group

This is a small living room with kitchen on the far end. Paint the entire area in a single color to make the transition seamless. Go for some statement furniture or decorative pieces to make it more interesting. I love the wall unit; it is ideal for showcasing your knick-knacks.

3. Small Leggy Furniture

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Forma Design

If you have a small living room then go for light leggy furniture. This will keep the floor space free and make the area look more spacious. Don’t buy big sofa sets and chairs; keep it simple and clutter-free. Decorate the living room with a tall floor lamp and artwork.

4. Minimal Decor

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Causa Design Group

Go for minimal small living design ideas. The high polished marble floor and a gorgeous stone wall lends a chic look to this contemporary set up. Place a glass coffee table with some straight lined furniture for seating. Use sheer curtain for the doors to allow uninterrupted entry of light and air.

5. Comfy Look

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Causa Design Group

I love the use of shades for the window instead of curtains. Use lots of soft furry texture to create a comfortable space for your family and friends. The combo of white, grey and pop of reds definitely spells magic in here.

6. Let in Natural Light

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Sapphire Pear, Photography by Doug Aylsworth

Here is a simple living room layout. A cozy sectional is placed against the wall with a TV in front. A perfect place to sip coffee and watch your favorite program! The sliding doors offer a nice outdoor view and allows entry of sun light and fresh air into this living room.

7. Add some Storage

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Nadezhda Home

Having an accent wall behind the sectional is a great idea. Add a bit of storage space in your living room to keep some of your essentials. You can create a small home office near the window. Go for wall mount television to save space and get a neat look.

8. Free the Floor

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Svetlana Yurkov

Apart from that sectional covering some of the floor space the rest is free making this living room look bigger. Go for floating shelves and cupboard to save space. Hang the drapes from as high as possible; this draws attention to the ceiling and away from the dimension of the room.

9. Smart Furniture Layout

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Jason Snyder

Opt for a furniture layout that allows free movement. Don’t stuff the small living room with boxy furniture. A TV stand can double up as storage for books and CD’s.

10. Pop of Color

Small Living Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Distinction Group

Colors can take your interior decor to another level. Use it to give a distinct look and to brighten up your small living room. Throw some red and orange color cushions on your brown sofa. Add a couple of paintings and a small glass coffee table to get mid century look.

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