10 Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

Get Some Amazing Small Living Room Furniture Ideas to Create Space

Need some small living room furniture ideas? Here are some tricks that can fool your eyes and make the best use of a room’s natural asset.

Creating a small living room design that’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing is a major challenge. But, clever arrangement of furniture, lighting and colour scheme can help you make it seem larger.

Small Living Room Furniture IdeasCourtesy of Jenni Leasia Design

A living room is the heart of any house. It usually doubles up as a family room, lounge, dining room, TV room, home office and a place to entertain your guests. Therefore, you need to properly decorate it. Doing up a small living room interior design takes a lot of effort and expertise.

The main interior design rules for small living room furniture arrangement are no different from a large room. Choose furniture that fits the space, and don’t try to squeeze too much in there.

Have a look at these small living room furniture ideas:

1. Use light furnitureSmall Living Room Furniture IdeasCourtesy of Samantha Pynn

Choose lightweight furniture for your living room. Avoid heavy, big, dark coloured and boxy sofa or chair. Rather, keep them light in colour and go for tall, leggy pieces. Make sure they don’t obstruct views of the passage or the floor, so the space feels more open. Glass coffee tables are great as they consume very little visual space.

2. Place them rightSmall Living Room Furniture IdeasCourtesy of HGTV

When it comes to arranging furniture, you can choose to disguise, flaunt or flatter your small living room space with some stylish, sleek pieces. Don’t try to fit every piece in there, rather try to create a perfect balance. These small living room furniture ideas can make it look nice and spacious.

3. Go neutralSmall Living Room Furniture IdeasCourtesy of Centralinteriordesign

Make use of neutral colours throughout your room. Paint your walls and ceiling in neutral palette. Also, choose neutral coloured furniture and accessories to create a false sense of space. Our eyes face no obstruction in an all neutral environment, so the space feels more expansive.

4. Keep doorways in mindSmall Living Room Furniture IdeasCourtesy of Jeff Lewis

It’s best to create easy access directly to the seating area than blocking it with one of your furniture. Keeping your doorway in mind and arrange furniture to direct traffic around the conversation core and not through it. If there are two doors, consider having the traffic move behind the seating from one door to another.

5. Match the scaleSmall Living Room Furniture IdeasCourtesy of Benjamin Moore

Some of the most important small living room furniture ideas that you should keep in mind before buying any furniture is the measurements of your room. Choose lighter furniture over hefty upholstered sofa, chair and large table. If you have a narrow living room, go for a bench style coffee table. Put up sleek chairs instead of a huge sofa set to keep the room from feeling crowded and cramped.

6. Storage furnitureSmall Living Room furniture IdeasCourtesy of Womanclub

Another small living room furniture ideas that can help you create space is to go for furniture with storage. This will help them keep things in place as clutter can make it look cramped. You can put up shelves, concealed cabinets and open cubbies for displaying your collection.

7. Dual functionalitySmall Living Room furniture IdeasCourtesy of Domicile Interior Design

There are many small living room furniture ideas for multifunctional pieces. These furniture save space and can double up for something else. For example an adjustable coffee table when raised can be used as a dining table. Or, an upholstered ottoman double up as a coffee table when you add tray to offer a flat surface.

8. Window seatSmall Living Room furniture IdeasCourtesy of Molly McGinness Interior Design

You can turn your window into a living area by putting up a window seat. Add storage beneath it to optimize space. Fool your eyes by choosing light, leggy furniture that don’t block your view. Small living room furniture ideas here can help you create a small, cosy sit out with abundance of light and freshness.

9. Light it upSmall Living Room furniture IdeasCourtesy of Homesthetics

Keep your living room properly lighted. Use light, soft colours to keep it bright. Add mirrors to reflect light to help enlarger the space. To keep the room lighter and brighter, go for simple window treatments. Also, avoid blocking the windows with heavy layers of fabric.

10. Less furnitureSmall Living Room furniture IdeasCourtesy of Houzz

Go for a few big pieces of furniture than many small ones to keep it open and spacious. Add a big sofa or a table instead of many small chairs and tables. Putting in too many furniture can make it over crowded and hinder free movement.

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