10 Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Small Master Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Discover some interesting small master bedroom ideas. A bedroom is a place to relax and have fun. It is one of the most important rooms in the house. Hence, has to be done up in style and comfort.

Small master bedroom ideas are hard to come. They are a bit tricky to design as you need to use the available space without making it look stuffed or cramped. Check out our interior design tips on small master bedroom ideas.

1. Mirrored Furniture

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Z Gallerie

Go for a transitional decor – a blend of traditional and modern elements. This is a beautiful bedroom with a tufted, mirrored-trim headboard. I love the mirrored nightstand and the mirrors behind it. Mirrors are reflective therefore make the room brighter and bigger.

2. Dark Wall Paint

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Pizzale Design, Photography by Mike Chajecki

You can create a great impact by going for dark walls and white ceiling. Keep the furniture, furnishing and bedding in light color to balance it all. Add a pop of color for more drama.

3. Four-poster Bed

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Stephanie Brown, Photography by Living Maui Media

Check out this tropical style small master bedroom design. The designer has used light wood stain for the floor, ceiling, windows and furniture. It makes the bedroom warm and inviting. Add a four-poster bed to add a sense of depth into the bedroom.

4. Colorful Accent Wall

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Clean Design, Photography by Regan Wood

A statement wall can make your small master bedroom ideas look more fascinating. Use wallpaper, murals or just paint it up to get a nice accent wall. I like the extensive use of different kinds of textures and patterns in this bedroom.

5. Tall Table Lamps

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Ida York Interior Design

Place tall table lamps on either side of the bed. This creates a visual distraction for the people entering this small master bedroom. Opt for floral decor and keep it up throughout the bedroom.

6. High Headboard 

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Design Studio Instilier

Take a look at this tiny bedroom with vertical delights. The headboard and the mirror go up to the ceiling which helps in creating a false sense of height. This makes the room feel more open and a bit less claustrophobic.

7. Neutral Palette

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Jaimie K Designs

A neutral palette can really help brighten up a small bedroom space. Go for a floating dresser and leggy night stands. Maintain the symmetry for a perfect look.

8. Light it Up

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of Refined Custom Home

Add lights to your small master bedroom ideas. This will put an end to those dark corners and make the room bright and beautiful. This bedroom has bedside lamps, a floor lamp for reading and a ceiling light fixture.

9. Add a Glass Wall

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Courtesy of TG-Studio, Photography by Philip Vile

You can lose the wall and put up glass on one side of your bedroom. This will allow the home owner to enjoy the view on the outside from the comfort of his bedroom. Place a mirror opposite to it and see the magic.

10. Small Furniture

Small Master Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Gehan Homes

Buy small, multi-purpose furniture for your small master bedroom. This bedroom has a table that works as a night stand and as a place where one can sit and work.

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