10 Small Pooja Cabinet Designs

Amazing Small Pooja Cabinet Designs for Indian Homes

Discover some small pooja cabinet designs; you can place them anywhere in the house. Go for a standalone or a custom built-in pooja cabinet.

It is not always possible to make a separate pooja room in the house. However, it is still possible to dedicate a small corner in the house to satisfy the spirit of holiness.

Here are some simple and beautiful small pooja cabinet designs for you.

1. Wooden Pooja Temple

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Ashpra Interiors

This is a customized wooden pooja temple design. Place the deity over the storage cabinet and use the lower part to store pooja essentials. Place the cabinet in the corner from where it can emit positive energy all over the house.

2. Built-in Wall Cabinet

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of iStudio Architecture

Small pooja cabinet designs as such take care of those corners of the house where it is apt to place temples. The wooden door of this pooja wall cabinet has beautiful floral carving on it. The reflection of the beautifully carved door on the wall is quite enticing.

3. Custom Pooja Cabinetery

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Design Build

These are examples of small pooja room cabinet designs with a little ‘twist’ in it. The ‘twist’ in here is the extended cupboard to put the Veena. The owner must be using the Veena for religious renditions in the morning. The main altar is simple and spacious.

4. Small Pooja Cabinet in Dining Hall

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Design Matters

Place a pooja cabinet is placed in the dining area of the house. This small cabinet design is quite interesting and space friendly. The backlit glass panel makes it even more attractive.  It has a lot of pull out drawers that flaunts good storage capacity.

5. White Pooja Cabinet

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Sonali Shah

These small pooja cabinet designs are modern in their look and shoulders traditionalism too! The cabinet has a beautiful lighting arrangement. It is white in color which is symbolic of piousness and purity.Having a glass temple on the shelf is a novel and interesting idea.

6. Marble Pooja Mandir with Cabinets

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Nandita Manwani

This is a simple and neat pooja room design. The dark wood cabinet gives a rich look to the room and the marble temple is an icing on the cake. The ornamental lamps and bells give a traditional feel to the room. The room boasts of a splendid lighting arrangement.

7. Pooja Cabinet for Bedroom

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of BW Interiors

In this modern era of small and budget friendly residential homes this can be a much desired pooja room cabinet design. There is a wall full of storage space. Convert one small part of it into a pooja room. The built-in wall unit is self-sufficient in all aspects.

8. Pooja Cabinet for Small Home

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Espinal Architects

This is a simple pooja room design built-in a niche beside the kitchen. Looking at the rays of sun falling on the temple makes it look more divine. The simple cabinet below is for storing the things required for pooja or rituals on other religious occasions.

9. Pooja Space in Living Room

Small Pooja Cabinet DesignsCourtesy of Total Interiors Solutions

This ornamental pooja cabinet design reflects the taste of the owner of the house. The wall behind the deity is adorned with a ‘shloka’ and attractive lighting. You can use the shelves for displaying books or your knick-knacks. The bottom of the wall unit flaunts good storage capacity.

10. Cabinet Door with Bells

Small Pooja Cabinet Designs Courtesy of Ashpra Interiors

Decorate the door of your pooja cabinet with bells. Imagine the bells tinkling every time you open the cabinet! Adding more to it is the ornamental handle. Place the pooja cabinet in the dining hall; it has a wonderful storage capacity.

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