Small Pooja Room Designs

Traditional Small Pooja Room Designs for Indian Homes

Discover small pooja room designs for your home. These pooja rooms can be designed in any corner of your house or apartment.

The pooja room is very important in a Hindu household. In Hinduism pooja is done on various occasions and settings. So it is very important that the layout of the pooja room is designed and decorated beautifully as it is a place where we worship and meditate.

Here are some amazing small pooja room designs.

1. Small Pooja Room Designs above the Stairs

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Ashfaq Aboojiwala

The small extension above the stairway has been wonderfully modified into a small pooja room. Place the deity in a glass cubical and illuminate it properly. This will make the deity visible to the members of the family from any corner.

2. Pooja Room Designs in Glass

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Dipen Gada

White epitomises purity! Do up the entire pooja room design in white. Place the deity on a white elevated pedestal. The lighting arrangement is fabulous. Add a glass behind the deity with ‘The Bodhi Tree’ etched on it. The splash of gold color adds up to the gentle and pious atmosphere of the room.

3. Small Pooja Room Designs in Hall

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Suresh Lakhani

This interesting pooja room that is carved out in the niche on the wall. Illuminate it adequately thus highlighting the deities. The mural of Lord Krishna on the wall is enticing and is making the hall look very beautiful.

4. Small Pooja Room Mandap Designs

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Ambarish Golawar

These interesting small pooja room designs are quite modern in their layout. Place an exquisite glass pooja mandap on a black granite platform. Adorn the entire mandap with background lighting. The hanging oil lamps contribute towards a perfect blend of traditionalism and modernity.

5. Modern Pooja Room Designs

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Stapl Interiors

The deity itself in this small pooja room design is eye-catching. It is a beautiful Tanjore painting. The plain wooden backdrop has been backlit to make the photo frame of the deity even more conspicuous. The dark brown wooden panel surrounding the deity completes the idea.

6. Traditional Pooja Room Designs  

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Pinterest

Check out these adorable small pooja room designs. The white marble pedestal with the silver deity looks exotic. The color scheme of the  pooja room is beautiful. The glass partition separates the pooja room from the rest of the rooms in the house.

7. Small Pooja Room Designs in Living Room 

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Aesthetic Interiors

Take a look at this beautiful wooden mandap with soft lighting highlighting the deity. The build-in wall mandap is extremely attractive. The hanging oil lamps give it a traditional look and add to its aesthetic appeal.

8. Small Shelf  Pooja Room Designs 

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Pinterest

Create an attractive pooja space by placing brass deities. Give a unique look by surrounding the deity on the wall by a wooden panel. This is a very nice concept wherein one wall of the living room is modified into a place for doing pooja.

9. Pooja Room Cabinet Designs 

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Bagirathi Ramanathan

Sometimes there is space crunch in the house. This cupboard satiates the importance of divine presence in the house. There is a lot of storage capacity in this pooja cupboard. This shows how you can utilize the small place near the stairway so beautifully.

10. Small Pooja Room Designs

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Artist Praveen D

Create this small pooja room design inside a cupboard. Or, you can go for wood work on the walls as well as the floor. The photo of the deity has also been framed in a heavily adorned wooden frame.

11. Small Pooja Room for Apartments

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Flickr

This is a simple traditional pooja room design. The pooja room has an raised platform with storage beneath them. It has tiled wall which makes it easy to clean and keep up. If you need more space just add a glass above it.

12. Pooja Room Decor

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Garvita Garg

Look at this gorgeous pooja room design, it seems that it has been decorated for Diwali. The mandap is decorated with purple and pink sheets of paper. A very simple and humble idea of decoration but done with heart. Add lights to complete your decor.

13. Pooja Room Designs for Home

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Anil Dube Architect

You can opt for these pretty small pooja room designs. It is very modern in its lay out. The central panel with the backlit lighting looks very attractive. The lights are falling on the deities thus highlighting it.

14. Small Pooja Space 

Small Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Vinay Parvatikar

This is again a small and traditional pooja room design. This is a specifically build pooja room. The deities have been mounted on the wall. This gives a feeling of divinity and holiness in the house.

15. Wooden Pooja Mandap Design

Small Pooja Room DesignsSource Unknown

This is a cabinet cum pooja mandap. It has been beautifully decorated with kundan stones. The bells give it a very traditional look. This pooja mandap has ample storage capacity to keep the pooja accessories.


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