Soothing Bedroom Colors

Bedroom Colors that Can Help You Relax

Keep your bedroom colors soft and soothing. Colors can have dramatic affect your moods, feelings and emotions. Many experts believe that right choice of bedroom colors can help you relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Colors increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Bedroom colors just don’t decorate your room, but also have a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it’s wise enough to learn about color and its effect before painting your house.

It has been proven that subtle bedroom colors create a serene environment. They have a calming effect on everyone around. Where as bright, dark bedroom colors make people hyper and aggressive.

Here are some common bedroom colours and the influence they have on us:

1. Blue Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Beach Glass Interior Designs, Photography by Jeff Allen

Blue is the most loved and widely used bedroom colors of all. Blues are cool and soothing as it reminds us of the sky and the sea. Blue bedroom colors help to relax and sleep better. They can even help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Light to medium tones are ideal as they invoke a feeling of tranquillity. While darker hues are a bit dramatic and energizing.

2. Yellow Bedroom Colors Bedroom ColorsCourtesy of JMA Interior Decoration, Photography by Ron Rosenzweig

Yellow colors come in a close second when it comes to painting ones bedroom. It makes the room bright, sunny and welcoming. Go for soft yellows to fill your room with sunshine and happiness. Warm yellow relaxes our body by stimulating the nervous system, and has a calming effect on nerves.

3. Green Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Eminent Interior Design

Green is the color of nature. It’s the third favourite color for bedroom, it can make you feel fresh and relaxed. Green color bedrooms bring a sense of peace, security and tranquillity. It is a perfect color for bedrooms as it creates positive soothing vibes. Yellow-based shades such as olive create warmth, while blue-based greens like aqua invoke relaxation and calm.

4. Silver Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Carl M. Hansen Companies, Photography by Spacecrafters

Instead of shades of gray, opt for silver as gray bedroom colors can make you dreary and depressed in some cases. Gray is a very popular color but experts say it makes people feel emotionally isolated and uncomfortable. Whereas silver bedroom mimics moonlight, which signals the brain to know that it is night and time for sleep.

5. Orange Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of London Bay Homes

Next in the line is orange. Well! It’s quite surprising. Though orange is generally used in kitchen or dining room, it’s one among the top ten bedroom colors used across the world. This warm color helps in creating a stable and reassuring atmosphere. It can even help you digest your food.

6. Pink and Peach Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Page 2 Design

Pink is often associated with romance, joy and a color best suited for girls. But, don’t use those bright rosy pinks, instead try a lighter shade. And, if pink is not one of your choicest bedroom colors, then try peach.

Bedroom ColorsCourtesy of Panoply Design Studio

Peach has pink hue without the boldness. Peaches are soft, warm and comfortable. They can turn your bedroom into a cosy getaway.

7. White Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Spence Harris Hogan

White color can give a flawless look to your bedroom. It is often associated with cleanliness, innocence and goodness. White makes a room feel airy and open. They create a false sense of space, therefore are perfect for small bedrooms. The only drawback is that you need to put in a lot of effort to keep it spotless and clean.

8. Neutral Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Lucy Mclintic

Most people opt for neutral bedroom colours as they are easy to choose. Neutral colors are calming, and they make a room feel quiet and soothing. Go for light brown, gold, beige, and cream to keep you warm and relaxed. To save your bedroom from boredom, add color by way of furnishings and fabrics.

9. Lavender Bedroom ColorsBedroom ColorsCourtesy of Jona Collins Interior Design

Lavender is also a good choice for your bedroom. It not only opens up a space, but also makes your bedroom feel soft, serene and relaxing. Lavender bedroom colors belong to the purple family, which is a royal color.

10. Turquoise Bedroom ColorsBedroom Colors Courtesy of Specht Harpman Architects, Photography by Casey Dunn

Turquoise is a beautiful color that falls somewhere between blue and green. It’s a color that is refreshing, warming and full of energy. Turquoise is often used to represent water or sea and that’s why people call it aqua or aquamarine. You can also use darker shades of turquoise, such as teal. It has a rich feel and is quite high on popularity list.

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