Cool Staircase Designs

Create Some Interesting Staircase Designs

Staircase designs can be used to create a strong statement or a simple focal point. Go for a spiral, hanging, floating, or glass staircase. Today, we use lift, escalator and staircase to connect one floor to another. But, we have used stairs since ancient times.

Staircase designs play a very important role in the field of architecture and designing. We have created many interesting staircase designs till date. Some are simple and functional while others are whimsical and creative.

Going up and down the stairs will never be the same again, take a look at these super cool staircase designs.

1. Heavenly Staircase DesignStaircase Designs Courtesy of KuDa Photography

If you are looking for a staircase to heaven, then I believe this is it. This is a spiral staircase with wonderful wall mural and some starry lights in the centre.

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2. Crooked Staircase DesignStaircase Designs Courtesy of Bruce Palmer Interior Design

This is a funky staircase with wavy railing and spindles. It’s an interesting twist on stairs, give it a try. 

3. Jumping Jack Staircase Design Staircase Designs Courtesy of Zurdodgs, Stairs by Arcways, Photography by Jorge Taboada

Pick up this elegant staircase with small cute sculptures tumbling down. Some are falling, some jumping and others a clean landing. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Spiral Staircase Design  Staircase Designs Courtesy of Wascha Studios

Go for this stunning piece of architecture, a spiral staircase. Hang gorgeous pendant lights in the centre.

5. Triangular Staircase Design  Staircase Designs Courtesy of Gerstner

Wow! These triangular treads are looking gorgeous from every angle. The shape offers a lot of support and maximizes strength of each tread.

6. Floating Staircase Design Staircase Designs Courtesy of Begrand Fast Design

Those floating wooden stairs are looking awesome against the light limestone wall. It’s been fixed with clear glass rails.

7. Green Glass Staircase DesignStaircase Designs Courtesy of AR Design Studio

These glass steps look as if they are floating in thin air. This simple minimalistic staircase is the focal point of this room.

8. Industrial Staircase Design  Staircase Designs Courtesy of Krannitz Gehl Architects, Photography by Benjamin Benschneider 

Use alternating tread staircase in small rooms to save space. This is an unusual staircase that leads to the loft. The fourth tread extends to create a desk. Add double hand rails for easy access good grip.

9. Traditional Staircase Design  Staircase Designs Courtesy of Karl Neumann Photo

Take a look at this beautiful spiral staircase with wood and glass railing. This wooden staircase fits perfectly well with the traditional decor of this living room.

10. Hanging Staircase Design Staircase Designs

Courtesy of Ben Murphy Photography

Here is a hanging metal staircase supported by vertical cables. Attach the metal cables to the ceiling; make sure it’s properly secured.

11. Clear Glass Staircase DesignStaircase Designs Courtesy of Elite Metal Craft

This is a beautiful clear glass staircase with glass railing. Because of its transparency, the staircase seems to float, blocking neither light nor view. Definitely not for people who are afraid of height.

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