Staircase Storage Ideas

Clever Storage Ideas for the Dead Space Under the Staircase

Don’t let that huge space under the staircase go waste. Use it to create some interesting staircase storage ideas. You can store books, clothes, shoes, grocery and other such items in there. You can even build a small reading nook or an office under your stairs.

Here are some really intelligent staircase storage ideas:

1. Laundry and Pet NookStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering

The area under the staircase has been cleverly used to create a laundry area with a cute pet space. If you have a front load washing machine try it and save space.

2. Shoe Storage  Staircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Henarise Pty Ltd

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This is a great idea to create extra storage in your house. But, this is a bit dangerous if someone leaves it open by mistake. Hence, make sure you install spring mechanism in these drawers, so that they close on their own.

3. Create a PantryStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of HINGE Cabinetry & Furniture

Go for this hidden storage idea. These pull-out shelves can store all your grocery items with ease and help you organize your kitchen in a better way.

4. Drawers  Staircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Tom Stringer Design Partners

You can install these super cool drawers underneath your staircase. They can help you store a lot of items. It’s a perfect use of otherwise dead space.

5. Bar SpaceStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Holiday Kitchens

This is space management. Transform the area under your staircase into a bar. Fit in a wine rack and a refrigerator, and get ready to entertain your guests.

6. Wine StorageStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Beyond Beige Interior Design

Use old milk crates to create this awesome wine storage. To get this look put up a glass panel behind the crates and use backlight to illuminate the entire area.

7. Mud RoomStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling

Create a neat place to hang your coat, hats, muffler, bags and other such items at the entryway. Utilize the left over space to create a small sitting nook.

8. Office TimeStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Maria Killam

Make intelligent use of the space and create a small office for yourself. Use light colour scheme for better reflection of light.

9. Book ShelfStaircase Storage Ideas Courtesy of Inspired Design Ltd

Not only the space under your staircase is important but you can also use it to store books. Create some floating shelves on the side for books.

10. Create a KitchenStaircase Storage Ideas

Courtesy of Thom Filicia Inc.

Use the area under the staircase for storing your crockery , put up some open shelves and pull up drawers.

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