Amazing Staircase Storage

Creative Use of Dead Space-Staircase Storage

If you are looking for ways to save space, then have a look at these staircase storage ideas. You can use a lot of space under and around your staircase to create storage. Here are some amazing staircase storage ideas that will help you in create some extra storage in your house.

1. Storage CabinetryStaircase Storage Courtesy of IMI Design

This is a beautiful staircase with lots of cabinet under it. Display and store your china and crystal ware in them.

2. Wine CellarStaircase StorageCourtesy of Carney Logan Burke Architects

Here is an open tread spiral staircase with wine storage. Now you can always pick up one on the go.

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3. Bike HangerStaircase StorageCourtesy of Nic Darling

Store your bikes underneath this open peek-a-boo stairway. Put up a few bike hooks and hang them. Use plywood to create a unique, fun-filled railing for the staircase.

4. Display UnitStaircase StorageCourtesy of Zephyr Interiors

Put up a wall unit that continues between the levels of the staircase. Use it as a display cum storage unit.

5. Hidden Storage Staircase StorageCourtesy of Tali Hardonag Architect

Pull the book shelf and you’ll find some secret shelves rolling out from behind. This is a very clever staircase storage idea.

6. Small Room Staircase Storage Courtesy of Alchemy Design Studio

Make a small room out of the space under your staircase. Use it as a closet, store-room or a powder room/wash room.

7. Bathroom SpaceStaircase StorageCourtesy of Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

A small bathroom is tucked under the metal staircase. Make sure the floor and the walls are water proof or you’ll ruin it all.

8. Storage DrawersStaircase StorageCourtesy of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

You can store clothes, books, toys and other such items in these staircase storage drawers. Turn each step into a drawer to create maximum storage.

9. Book ShelfStaircase Storage Courtesy of CG&S Design-Build

Build this perfect reading nook underneath your staircase. Add proper lighting element to the selves to create this glowing effect.

10. Shoe StorageStaircase Storage

Courtesy of Ben Herzog

Transform the area under the stairs into shoe storage. Add a few pull out cabinets for easy access.

11. TV UnitStaircase Storage Courtesy of Rikki Snyder

Put up a few open shelves under your staircase and use it as your entertainment centre. Install your TV, DVD player, play station in there and save space.

12. Build-in StorageStaircase Storage Courtesy of E/L Studio

Open staircase having lots of drawers and cabinets can solve a lot of your storage woos.

13. More Storage Staircase Storage Courtesy of Lipa Woodwork

Create more storage space in your house. Use the area under your staircase cleverly and make some intelligent storage.

14. Book ShelvesStaircase StorageCourtesy of Glenn Gissler Design

If you are a book-worm and have no space to store them, take inspiration from here. Turn the area under your stairs into a small library. Add a couple of stools and you are all set.

15. Giant Storage UnitStaircase StorageCourtesy of Malcolm Davis Architecture

Go for this full wall storage unit. Store books, crockery, decorative items and other such things in there.

16. Add BeautyStaircase StorageCourtesy of Ehrlich Architects

Turn the space under your stairs into a display unit and add aesthetic appeal to your house.

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