Storage for Small Bedroom

Make use of the Available Space and Create Proper Storage for Small Bedroom

Storage for small bedroom is tough to design. You need to be a lot more creative and innovative. Small bedroom has limited space and most of it gets occupied by bedroom furniture. Therefore, you need to think out-of-the-box to make storage for small bedroom.

Here are some interesting ways to build storage for small bedroom:

1. Glass ClosetStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Adeeni Design Group

This is a beautiful way to do up your small bedroom. Build storage in and around the bed, use glass to make it aesthetically appealing.

2. Window SittingStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Horgan Millwork

Put up a window sitting in your bedroom, and create storage around it. Add lots of drawers and cupboards to store your belonging.

3. Clever BedStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Rylex Custom Cabinetry and Closets

Take a look at this bed cum storage unit. It’s an intelligent way to save on your floor space. Pull out shelves at each end of the bed can double as a desk or computer stand.

4. Full Wall CabinetStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Vivid Line Furniture, Photography by VJ Von Art

This is an awesome space-saving idea for small bedroom. Use a full wall to build cabinets and drawers, put up a ladder to reach the loft.

5. Beautiful StorageStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Archiforms Studio

Go for vertical storage and use slider instead of door for better space management. Place cabinets over the bed, and use wall sconces to save space.

6. Wall UnitStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Harrell Remodeling

Go for this beautiful wall unit with cabinets on either side of your bed for storage. Add some open shelves to display your collectables.

7. Vertical Storage Storage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of William Rogers Architect

Add storage all the way up to the ceiling. This way you will keep the room clutter-free and be able to store your belongings properly.

8. Open ShelvesStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This small bedroom has lots of open shelves and cubbies for storage. Open shelves are perfect for keeping books. Use baskets to store different items in cubbies.

9. Bunk BedStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Expert Closets

This is a very small room with bunk beds and wall cabinets. Put up a wall unit on the outer wall of the bedroom too.

10. Amazing Bed StorageStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs, Photography by Augie Salbosa

Get this amazing bed with drawers for storage. Go in for an over-sized dresser and add more storage.

11. Storage Baskets Storage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Studio 80 Interior Design

Pick up a simple night table and some bins or baskets to create this quick storage solution for your small bedroom.

12. Storage Box BedStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Susanna Cots

Build a big storage box bed, this box can hold anything to everything in the room. A pull out shelf can serve as a study table.

13. Creative StorageStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Akke Woodworks, Photography by Robertlo Well

A very creative way to use the space around your window! The pull out shoe rack and pull down hat drawers are amazing.

14. Behind the Bed Storage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Chrisp Architects, Photography by Rob Karosis

Use the wall behind your bed for creating a full-blown storage unit. This way you’ll have the room free for yourself.

15. Hanging CupboardsStorage for Small Bedroom Courtesy of Atema Architecture

Use this idea and go for sleek hanging cupboards. They look stylish and don’t eat up into your floor area.

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