Stunning Living Room Designs

Use Different Elements to do up Your Living Room Designs

Check out these awesome living room designs with an element of surprise in each one. Take tips and ideas from them while doing up your living room.

A living room is a versatile place that sees a family together after a long day. They spend a considerable part of their time bonding with each other by enjoying television or simply conversing with each other. People like to be comfortable in their living room. Hence, it is very important to do up a living room thoughtfully.

We present before you an array of stunning living room designs to satiate your aesthetic cravings.

1. Go for a Refreshing Decor 

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Budget Blinds

An ensemble of white and green extends serenity and freshness in the ambiance. The allowance of natural sunlight can accentuate the grace and warmth of any living room designs. The beautiful wooden flooring and furniture and the natural elements together create the magic in this cove.

2. Create a Cozy Nest

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Studio Marcelo Brito, photography Gui Morelli

The artwork on the wall captures my interest by all means! It gives a touch of elegance to this living room. Go for a combination of browns and beige to enhance the feeling of comfort and warmth in here. Use of sheer curtains softens up the ambiance and ties up everything in place.

3. Add Pouf and Ottoman

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of i3 Design Group

This living room has an attractive row of cabinet for storage. The huge windows allow ample sunlight to give it a fresh feel. Match up the upholstery to the colors of the walls. Get a few knitted pouf and an ottoman as they can add attraction and some extra seating to the setting. A smart decor indeed!

4. Decorate with Photographs

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Barbara Meister Interiors, Photography by Studio KW

Look at this huge living room area with a comfortable sofa. Use the wall to showcase your beautiful family picture which will give an insight into the strong family bonding. The generous use of white makes this living room look spacious and grand. The glass center table in chrome frame adds glamour to the room.

5. Indian Style Living Room

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Aangan Architects

I love the ‘very Indian in nature’ decor of this living room. Dynamic and vivacious blend of colors on one hand gives a subtle look whereas on the other adds vibrancy to the room. The spherical floral rug heightens the charm of the floor. Yet another interesting feature are the lovely teapoys. Such living room designs give an understanding of the importance of color in Indian mindset.

6. Mirror Magic

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Mauricio Nava Design, Photography by Chuck Williams

This living room displays various shades of brown and grey blended with elegance. Some magnificent light arrangement brightens up the place. The room is filled with a lot of different textures and patterns. Create a gorgeous accent wall to pep things up. Try an abstract mirror decor for the wall as an offbeat addition. Use spotlight to highlight the decor and add to the finesse of the room.

7. Make it Colorful and Lively

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Dufner Heighes

‘Garden of Eden’ is brought down on earth – I would define the vibrancy of this living room in this manner. The wall is adorned with lovely hand-painted wallpaper which brings novelty to the decor. Going along with it is the subtle and bright blend of upholstery and coffee table centerpiece. These concepts can be termed as picturesque living room designs.

8. Flood it with Natural Light

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Lee Calisti Architecture + Design, Photography by Skysight

Here is a fantastic living room design. This huge room is neatly done up with straight line furniture. The twin designer chairs in yellow heighten the atmosphere of the room. Place lucite nesting tables on one side of the sectional. Large sliding windows allow nature to take a peek in making the room fresh and beautiful.

9. Keep it Simple

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Deborah Law Interiors, Photography by Jonathon Little

Check out this minimalist living room. This awesome living room showcases several interesting elements. The table in the center looks wonderful with some unique centerpieces. I love the chic throw pillows, smart lamps and the paintings. On the whole the room looks simple and humble.

10.Use of Curtains

Stunning Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Marc-Michaels Interior Design

These living room designs are perfect examples of the aesthetic taste of the owner. Each and every element in the room personifies elegance and beauty. The wicker chair looks like an added jewel to the crown. Long floral curtain makes this living room a visual delight. It reflects fun and spreads happiness throughout the place.

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