Stylish Bedrooms

How to Design Stylish Bedrooms without Much Effort?

Stylish bedrooms are easy to create. You just need to keep a few things in mind before starting your bedroom interior decoration. You have to focus on a few elements rather than the whole bedroom. Incorporate style in your bedroom through colours, furniture, art piece and lighting to name a few.

Get ideas on how to work on creating stylish bedrooms, go through some of our tips:

1. Colour EffectStylish Bedrooms Interior Design Courtesy of Wonderland Homes

Go for a bright accent wall in your bedroom. Combine it with a neutral shade such as beige, white or brown to get this stylish look. Add designer lamps and decorative pieces to make it more appealing.

2. Metallic AccessoriesStylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of Peter A. Sellar

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Adding metallic accessories can enhance the style quotient of your bedroom. Take a look at this white bedroom decorated with silver painted branches and lamps. You can hang sheer curtains to make it more elegant and beautiful.

3. Throws and CushionsStylish Bedrooms Interior Design Courtesy of Darl Grooters Ltd

Use lots of cushions, pillows and throws with stylish pattern on them. Mix and match cushions of different shape and sizes. But, do keep in mind not to add too many of them. Add recessed and spot lights to keep the room illuminated.

4. Chic RugStylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of IMI Design, Photography by Dino Tonn

A chic rug can turn the simplest bedroom into a stylish one. Get some stunning pendant lights and stools that match the flooring or wall colour of the room. Use leather to enhance the background of the headboard.

5. Classic ChandelierStylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of Raw Design, Photography bu Emphasis

Choose this turquoise matt colour scheme for your bedroom walls. Add a pretty chandelier and white trim that goes around the window and ceiling. A gorgeous white bed and side tables give the room a sophisticated touch.

6. Art PieceStylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of Britto Charette Interiors, Photography by Alexia Fodere

You can hang a colourful art piece to your bedroom to add life and style to it. The room has a fabulous ceiling and a chic accent wall. The wall is done using 3D tiles made of concrete. Go for platform bed and floating night stand.

7. Window TreatmentStylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of Jordan Lotoski

Instead of curtains, go for blinds. They are convenient and make your room look trendy. Furnish the bedroom with dark wooden floor by adding a white upholstered bed and an armchair. Go for lamps with subtle shades to get this look.

8. Add a MirrorStylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of Closed for Business

This bedroom is very tastefully done; there is a warm rich undertone about this room. It has a gorgeous headboard with an equally pretty bed frame. The bed frame is again surrounded by mirrors with black trim.

9. Balance it Stylish Bedrooms Interior DesignCourtesy of Luv2Dezin

This bedroom creates a perfect balance between dark and light elements. Go for a black accent wall, but keep the rest of the room neutral in colour. Go for lots of lamps and add an interesting chest of drawers beneath the TV.

10. Chic Furniture Stylish Bedrooms Interior Design

Courtesy of Smith Firestone Associates

Pick up fashionable furniture for your stylish bedrooms. Go for an elegant bed, couch, mirror, side tables, rug, lamps and chandelier. Put them together to create a modish space for yourself.

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