Swimming Pool Designs

Make a Splash with These Exotic Swimming Pool Designs

Are you looking out for some amazing swimming pool designs? Well then, have a look at our fabulous collection. We bring you some cool swimming pool designs that will turn your house into a super hot aisle.

Having a house with a private pool is totally in now a day. It gives you the freedom to enjoy and have a nice time with your family and friends. You can even throw a pool party when you wish.

Have a look at some of these interesting swimming pool designs:

1. Indoor Swimming Pool DesignsSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Larry E. Boerder Architects

This is a huge indoor swimming pool with traditional decor. I love the gold tile trim and those blue chandeliers. They are simply stunning!

2. Swimming Pool Designs with SkylightSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Wellen Construction

The glass ceiling allows abundance of natural light to enter the pool area. This indoor pool has foldable glass doors that open up to the patio.

3. Waterfall Pool DesignSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Rodolf Neol Photographe

Take a look at this beautiful waterfall pool with an equally amazing deck. The water fall and the lighting are the best features of this deck.

4. Pool with Floor DesignSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Jennifer Bevan Interiors

How about creating a design on the bottom of your pool? This one really stands out among all others.

5. Luxury Swimming Pool DesignSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Artisan Home Resorts

Go for this interesting concept, Roman arches with water falling from it. The gorgeous landscape and perfect lighting enhances the beauty of this pool by several notches.

6. Traditional Swimming PoolSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Photography by Tom Crane

This is a wonderful pool with pretty interior. The steps that lead into the pool and the pool floor both are looking great. Place some comfortable chairs for seating.

7. Playful Swimming Pool DesignsSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Pools and Spa

Give your pool a playful look by adding a slide to it. You can go for a simple slide or a spiral one. I’m sure kids are going to love it and have a nice time.

8. Violin Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pool

This is a unique violin shaped pool. The inground swimming pool comes with every single detail; it’s an exact replica of a 1700’s era Stradivarius violin.

9. Sitting Area Surrounded by PoolSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Franco A. Pasquale Design Associates

I bet most of us would love to spend time in here. It’s a lovely place to enjoy the sun and have chit-chat with your family and friends.

10. Tropical Pool DesignSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Richard Lusk

A pool with 3D concept, it has a massive waterfall that lead to a hidden grotto. You can use smart-phone apps like iAquaLink or Pentair to control your pool or waterfall with a single touch.

11. Swimming Pool Designs with Cool LightingSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of Pool Supply World

It’s magnificent! Create this starry effect by installing LED lights on the floor of your pool. Feels like walking on clouds.

12. A Dream PoolSwimming Pool Designs Courtesy of W.A. Bentz Construction

A dream mansion with an extravagant exterior that includes some dramatic landscaping, lighting and a pool that looks more like a lazy river!

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