Beat the Heat in Some of the Coolest Swimming Pools

Designs and ideas for Swimming Pools

Get rid of the scorching summer heat; take a dip in these interesting swimming pools.

You can plan rooftop swimming pools or one with a disappearing edge. You can even go for exotic swimming pools with waterfall or luxurious swimming pools with a seating lounge.

The color and lighting play a very vital role, do give special attention to them while designing your pool area. Here are some fascinating swimming pools, do have a look:

1. Rooftop Swimming PoolsSwimming Pools 1 Courtesy of Bradford Products

Go for a rooftop swimming pool. It has build-in submerged stools to sit near the edge that functions as table. The view from the pool is breath-taking.

2. Zero Edged Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Zero edged swimming pools look magnificent. Design a similar pool with fountains in your courtyard. Add lounge chairs wherein you can sit and relax.

3. Swimming Pools with Waterfall Swimming PoolsCourtesy of Phil Kean Design Group

Great lighting! Choose this cool purple pool for your house. It has a unique design – a waterfall coming out of that stone table.  The seating area looks awesome too.

4. Mosaic Swimming Pools Swimming PoolsCourtesy of MCE Interior Designers & Decorators

How about this spiral glass mosaic swimming pool? Must say the water and glass tiles complement each other so well!

5. Luxurious Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

If you are looking for luxury, go for this swimming pool design. It has a custom water screen projection wall inside that metal frame.

6. Infinity Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Modern House Architects

Here is a beautiful vanishing edge pool. The color and the lighting are brilliant. Love the steps that lead to the pool!

7. Contemporary Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Victoria’s Interiors

Go for these simple swimming pools with interesting landscape. Use wood, stone and glass to decorate the pool area. The pool has a raised dining space with kitchen to party around in the open.

8. Round Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Powell/Kleinschmidt

Swimming pools need not be rectangular or square every time. This round swimming pool looks pretty cool. It helps creating a space that feels grounded and well-balanced.

9. Eclectic Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Tongue & Groove

Incorporate a statue in to your pool area. Love the wooden deck, lighting and the steps leading into the pool.

10. Swimming PoolsSwimming PoolsCourtesy of Interiors By Darren James

Use proper color and lighting to create this magical swimming pool. The waterfall is stunning. There is a nice entertainment nook wherein you can have a blast with your family and friends.

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