10 Beautiful Indian Bathroom Designs

Indian Bathroom Designs

Indian Bathroom Designs to Inspire You Here are some nice Indian bathroom designs with admirable interior work. Take a look and get inspired, pick up some designing tips and ideas too. Indian bathroom designs usually have a sink, toilet and Continue reading 10 Beautiful Indian Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Bathroom Ideas

Beautiful Trendy Bathroom Ideas Discover some beautiful bathroom ideas and designs for your home. These bathroom designs are simple yet extremely functional. So, get ready to pamper yourself, design a stunning bathroom for your home. Bathrooms are the most neglected Continue reading Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

11 Cool Powder Room Ideas

Powder Room Ideas

Incorporate these Powder Room Ideas into Your House Take a look at these beautiful powder room ideas before designing one for your home. Powder rooms are small bathrooms primarily made for use by guests. Here are some nice powder room Continue reading 11 Cool Powder Room Ideas

Eccentric Bathrooms

Eccentric Bathrooms

Add Unusual Odd Elements to Create Eccentric Bathrooms Eccentric bathrooms have unconventional, strange decor that are pretty intruding. You can grab attention of your friends, family and others visiting your house by doing up an odd bathroom. Add some crazy Continue reading Eccentric Bathrooms

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Kids Bathroom

Simple Ways to Create a Whimsical Kids Bathroom Most kids bathroom are bright, colourful and full of fun. Children love vibrant walls, dramatic lights and cute bathroom accessories. But, each kid is different and so is their taste. The theme Continue reading Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Interesting Bathroom Designs

Ideas to Create Unique and Interesting Bathroom Designs of Your Own Bathroom reflects your individuality, so make it classy and comfortable. Put up an exotic tub, stylish sink, shower or faucet; give it a luxurious look by going a bit Continue reading Interesting Bathroom Designs

Open Bathroom Design

New Generation Concept-Bedroom with Open Bathroom Having a bedroom with attached bathroom is quite normal. But, we bring you bedrooms with integrated bathroom. Open bathroom concept is becoming extremely popular now a day. Open bathroom is nothing but an extension Continue reading Open Bathroom Design